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How it all work

Why do you think events happen? Do they solely depend on our efforts? Then why we don’t get everything we work hard for and some people get things doing nothing towards achieving them? 

Are events random thing that has no rhyme or reason? That would be wild. And completely against human nature in my opinion. 

So let’s find out what stands behind the mechanism that makes things, including being elected, happen to us. 

If you believe that we all live in a purely material world you can stop reading right now. And with those who know there is something apart from things we can see, touch, and prove scientifically, let’s agree on calling this immaterial world present in our lives “the Universe”. 

The Universe is a very advanced service providing us with what we want. Not with what we think we want, but with what we are truly are up for. There are 2 levels of what we want: passive and active. The passive needs materialize through emotions, active – through desires. 

Emotions serve as the lens we see the world through – what the world looks like for us on the unconscious level. Some people see the world as the place to fight, some – as a place to survive, some – as a place to constantly develop and expand, and so on. And the Universe reflects our outlook, it provides events and “pushes” us to act accordingly to our outlook. For a person with Moon affected by Scorpio, the nature of the world is transformation. Look at Nancy Pelosi’s natal chart, for example. 

Her Moon is in Scorpio with the square from Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. Before her political career, Nancy gave birth to five children. And pregnancy and giving birth is great example of transformational Scorpio energy. Pelosi’s 10th House which relates to professionalism and career is also in Scorpio. Later in her life, Pelosi switched from body transformation to serving people by accumulating the energy of her voters and using it to navigate the complicated field of professional politicians to achieve her own goals. By the way, Nancy has Pluto in the 7th House. One of the highest levels of its actualization in this placement is to manipulate others for their sake or for the sake of a big group of people.

Does this all mean that to be a successful politician you need to have similar indications in the natal chart? Not at all! You need to find a way to consciously implement the elements of your unconscious world’s outlook in your life. This way the Universe won’t need to organize your life the way it fits your outlook. And it can start to satisfy your conscious desires. And since one of them is to become an elected official, that will be the area where the Universe can deliver.

My services

As an astrologer and energy practitioner I can:

  • help you figure out your unconscious outlook and give practical advice on how to satisfy it through ordinary and not that ordinary habits/activities (natal chart reading);  
  • make an astrology prognosis for a certain period of time/election date to find out chances of being elected;
  • analyze with astrology and tarot tools potential partnerships for being beneficial for you (natal chart/synastry or horary chart reading, tarot reading);
  • analyze with astrology and tarot tools your potential employees as for their loyalty and trustworthiness (natal chart/synastry or horary chart reading, tarot reading);
  • give you astrological image advice to support and promote your personality, values, and dedication to public service (natal chart reading);
  • answer a question about struggles and being stuck with specific issues (natal chart reading, supported by horary chart reading/tarot reading);
  • provide you with candles infused with energy that help to attract necessary connections, love from the public, sponsors. 

My main focus is to help people get elected or to find people that will be elected. But I understand that life is more than elections. I’m curious about people’s behavior and the reasons behind events in general. So I’m open to inquiries that are not related to politics as well. 

Mandatory requirement for receiving services/consultations:

  1. For natal chart, synastry readings, and prognosis I always do rectification of the time of birth (correction of known time of birth by checking the main events). I will need the date, place and time of birth and dates (at least month and year) of the following events: death of relatives (grandparents, parents, children), marriage, the birth of children, immigration; career developments (hires, fires); expensive purchases (real estate, cars) or sudden money losses; surgeries and other sudden health problems; car accidents; crimes against you; your achievements; unusual events (events that don’t happen to many of the people, for example, winning of a contest).
  2. For tarot readings, I need names and photos of all people you ask questions about.
  3. For horary readings, I need only the exact question you would like to know the answer to. Please, be informed, that sometimes you would need to ask the same question a few times because the Universe doesn’t have the answer at the time of asking or that is not the most important question for you at the moment of asking.

About me

Yulia Winslow

I grew up in Siberia, enjoying cold, snowy winters and a chess club. All my course papers during my first 5-years of legal education were dedicated to the constitutional status of the U.S President. My Master’s diploma work for Russian Private Law School is among recommended literature for the school’s prospective students. 

I worked as a copyright lawyer for more than twenty years. I helped hi net clients from music and media businesses with all kinds of issues from taxes to International law.

I moved to the U.S. five years ago due to my marriage. I was bored with the law by then and decided to find a new path. I’ve been interested in astrology since my teenage years. Finally, I found a teacher with a pragmatic, practical, and systematic approach. Most people perceive astrology as something completely spiritual, while it’s much closer to science and IT. It’s even ruled with the same planet – Uranus. So I started my esoteric education 3.5 years ago and never have stopped since. 

I completed the general astrology 1.5 years course and took specialty courses in planet placements, aspects, relationship, family, supernatural talents, real estate, sexuality, obesity. I studied horary astrology and tarot readings, psychology for astrologers.

I’ve started actively practicing astrology almost 2 years ago. It has been a lot of fun and challenge. I always wanted to know more to help my clients better. Last summer I took energy practicing classes. That enriched my tools tremendously. I’m practicing clairvoyance and infusing objects with energy that changes the dynamics of people’s lives. I continue my astrology research and studies every day. I’m in the middle of the astrology risk management course and just started a sexology course. 

All these disciplines are not a random choice. Combining them I achieve the results none of them alone can give.

I work as a forecaster, risk manager, and in a way a fixer for my clients. I’m not a judgmental and empathic astrologer, tarot reader, energy practitioner. I understand that great deeds may require weird or unpopular actions. I utilize my great listener and researcher skills developed through decades of being a legal professional to understand my clients and give them the perspective they never had before. I’m both spiritual and grounded, intuitional and logical. I work with all kinds of energies and believe that inclusiveness is the key to success that will empower you in the long run instead of destroying or damaging your life. 

I love helping people with ambitious goals. I’m not a life coach, I’m a consultant and a facilitator.

I can’t guarantee you perfect English, but my admiration for people involved in politics is a great foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership. Let’s get in touch and see if I can be useful for you. 

For inquiries:

To see some examples of how I think and the depth of my analysis you’re welcome to get read my blog. 


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