Reddit case: low energy, trouble securing a job.

The full question (author’s grammar).

“Having trouble securing a job, making money, and very low on energy.

After the saturn jupiter conjunction in aquarius 2020 i got into investing for long term and i noticed i started seeing more money come towards me. But im still having a trouble securing a job. I dont do well with 9-5 most my jobs have been temp jobs working from home.

Im also recently diagnosed on the spectrum (autistic) i think this might be my jupiter detriment in gemini. I do have communication issues as well.

Im also very consistently low on energy, i can only expend energy in spurts and then i feel drained. Its just a struggle, i just need some advice or know where in my chart i can remedy anything and get things flowing easier in my life. I think my taking up investing has helped change the direction for me when it comes to money and being more disciplined but i dont quite have it figured out to master my 2nd house.”

The natal chart:

The astrological perspective.

I wouldn’t blame Jupiter for the autistic diagnosis because it rules Sagittarius which is a fire sign, which means a lot of emotions, more on the intellectual side (what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s according with values, and what’s not), but it still a pretty dramatic sign. Sun in Virgo in conjunction with South Node and Lilith in the 11th House looks more like a candidate for an autism vibe: you brought an experience of a very intellectual and methodical approach to everything, especially material resources (money and so on) – Sun in the square with Uranus-Saturn conjunction.

And about energy level. You have a built-in accumulator – Pluto in the 1st House ruled by Scorpio. You need to push yourself and your body to an energy limit to get the energy. You’re getting energized by working hard or, at least, giving your body the impression that you do work hard. You mentioned long-term investing – that’s what Scorpio is about by the way (and it’s also about your Moon-Venus conjunction). Pull resources together to accumulate and produce extra stuff. Relating to your body can be either draining physical exercises, or spiritual/energy/sexual practices.

Speaking of 9-5 jobs. It’s not a way for you to make money, so I’m not sure you should actually pursue it. The ruler of the 2nd House (money from your personal effort) is Jupiter in the 7th House; the ruler of the 10th House (money from you being a professional) is Sun in the 11th House. None of the planets ruling your money is about an ordinary job. Why not look at something where you can show your personality (Sun) or be an expert/guru (Jupiter)? You’re doing good with investments, why not tell other people how to do it?!

Reddit case: I tend to forget to eat

The full question with author’s writing style:

“i embodied every horrible thing about my chart for a whole year. i was bed ridden with depression at an all time high to the point where my health is now suffering the lack of nutrition during that time. what do i need in my life to prevent this again? im lost
I am diagnosed ADHD so I tend to forget to eat and don’t really register that I am hungry. I would get lost in reading and I do still have a job so I would work hours and completely forget about eating and then only having energy to make something that didn’t have all the nutrients i needed”

The natal chart:

Astrological perspective:

The way we eat correlates with Moon, so “I don’t really register that I am hungry” may be a result of:

  • the need to have some kind of trance state when the mind is “switched off” to prevent disrupting connection to something bigger than humanity (like nature, religious beliefs, and so on) to feel safe and secure (Moon-Neptune aspect);
  • the need to “switch off” the mind to support some kind of transformation to get more resources (Moon-Pluto aspects with South Node in Scorpio);
  • fasting because of unconscious belief you need to be cautious about your resources to prevent their lack in the future (Moon-Saturn and Moon-Venus aspects with Moon in the 2nd House – resources and Saturn/Venus in the 11th House – future and planning).
    To make things better with eating habits I would recommend adding Pisces, Scorpio, and Capricorn energies to your food consumption and home environment in general.

ADHD is most likely has to deal with your 1st House energy profile – there is a lot of fire (Asc in Leo, plus Mars and Sun which all equal to impulse, activity) and air (Sun-Mercury conjunction with Uranus opposition – the need for constant change, circulation) with the very well known from previous lives need to push yourself to the limits to get a new quality (Sun-Pluto aspect with South Node in Scorpio). It is worth considering trying some physical activity that combines Aries and Aquarius energies (activity in the air, just a lot of different kinds of activity, physical activity mixed with intellectual tasks) – trampolining, running/fast walking combined with shooting/fighting, and so on.

Link to the case:

Reddit case: bad luck?

Full question: “Is there anything in my chart that indicates some bad luck? Because for about 3 years it has been bad luck and misfortune and very limited moment of pure happiness. It’s scary because I am not even 20 yet so imagine what will happen to me when I hit my 20s.”

The natal chart:

Astrological perspective:

There is no bad luck in your chart, but it doesn’t mean you have an easy life. Here are some indicators in your natal chart that contribute to what you call a “bad luck”:

  • your sense of safety and security (Moon), ability to be satisfied with life, money and your feminine role (Venus) are connected to situations of transformation (Moon-Venus conjunction in the 8th House) through crisis and challenges. The events that cause these ups and downs shouldn’t really stay long, but there are many of them, and they are most likely related to resources of any kind – money, vitality (Uranus in the 2nd House squares Moon-Venus conjunction);
  • you brought a lot of experience in going through tough times to become stronger and better from your past lives (South Node is in Scorpio). That also “pushes” you psychologically to choose the hard way – it’s familiar, and as such unconsciously feels easier;
  • Lilith (distortion, illusions, blind spot) in Cancer (emotions, adaptation, relaxation) with aspects to Sun (self-identification) and Moon makes it difficult to understand your needs and be ok with emotions. Lilith also sits close to the 7th House, so it may affect your relationships with others disturbingly.

I would suggest productively using all these cool features by using those energies consciously. To start you can add some Scorpio (black, dark red colors, gothic style, sexuality, amulets, anything related to death) and Aquarius (a lot of air, intellectual approach, spinning objects, neon colors, outer space, plasma lamps, humor, abstraction, futuristic) energy to your home/eating/sleeping environment and your appearance. That would send your unconsciousness signals that you’re safe and living in contact with energies that are natural for you.

And for those who want to understand energies and their influences more, get my free Astro practical guide.

Here the question on Reddit:

Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 3)

Time to look at Jason’s side of family compatibility with Chrishell. Would Jason feel comfortable raising kids and living together with his employee?

Jason’s Moon is in Aquarius. I will use my Astro compatibility guide you can download for free to find out is there a connection between Jason’s sense of safety and security and Chrishells’s personality, image, and sexuality.

Both Chrishell’s Sun and Mars are in Cancer, so I can hit both personality and sexuality with one stone.

And we see that there is no connection between Aquarius and Cancer. Yikes!

Maybe there is something about Chrishell’s public image and how she is perceived by others that touch strings of Jason’s comfort zone?

Yes, indeed! Chrishell’s way to present her in public fits Jason’s idea of what kind of wife he wants. It’s not that strong, but it’s something very helpful to have. If Jason and Chrishell would stay together Jason would need them to go out together all the time to keep this sense of comfort and safety living with Chrishell. With their lifestyle, it wouldn’t be difficult.

Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 2)

After looking at our celebrities’ energy safety and security profiles in general, let’s find out are they are compatible on the level of living under one roof, waking up together, and bringing up kids? Let’s start with Chrishell and how she would feel about Jason in daily life together.

I’ll use my own Astro compatibility guide you can download for free to see what’s family (Moon) compatibility with Jason looks like for Chrishell.

Chrishell’s Moon is in Pisces, let’s look at Jason’s Sun and see if Chrishell has a connection with Jason’s personality.

Not really, because Jason’s Sun is in Aries, which doesn’t have a connection with Pisces.

What about the connection on the level of Jason’s appearance, image, his public presence?

Nothing is exciting there as well – zero connectivity.

Maybe Chrishell has a big attraction to Jason’s sexuality and this lover role?

Chrishell’s Moon and Jason’s Mars are both in Pisces, which means for Crhishell there is something about Jason that makes her react to him, that is, there is compatibility. But unfortunately, this kind of compatibility is not healthy and viable for family life because Jason will be too active (Mars) in situations when Chrishell needs relaxation and is able to be emotional (Moon).

Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 1)

Selling Sunset stars broke because Chrishell wanted a baby and Jason didn’t. Is this the real reason? Let’s look at realtors’ natal chart and find out.

The first thing I pay attention to is the safety and security energy profile (Moon). Do people have similar energies defining what feels safe? Especially when they are thinking about living together and having a baby.

Jason’s unconscious model of safety and security (and his children’s mother) has a wide range of influences: Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces. No wonder he is the president (Capricorn) of a real estate brokerage because there is a lot of consultancies and luxury real estate (Leo, Libra, Capricorn) vibe.

His main source of energy is pushing himself to the limit (Sun in Aries in opposition with Pluto) in a luxury setting (Sun in the 9th House in conjunction with Venus). And that’s what is very familiar to Jason from his past lives (Sun in conjunction with South node).

The point of release of this constant pressure boiling inside himself is consulting people about their homes (Moon in the 7th House).

Overall, Jason’s multi-level safety and security model is about steady airflow – constant circulations of scenery, people, and information. If you put Jason in a sensory deprivation tank he would probably have a very high level of anxiety because his safe world equals constant change, not peace and tranquility.

Chrishell’s unconscious model of safety and security is less overloaded with different energies but still has quite a few: Pisces, Aries, Aquarius, Leo, and Gemini.

At first glance, there is a lot of similarity with Jason’s safety and security energy profile, but let’s have a closer look. Aquarius is one of the main features of Jason’s world. Chrishell also belongs to Aquarius energy at her core (Moon has an aspect with Uranus and her South Node is in Aquarius), but it may be not easy for her to connect to it (Uranus is in the 12th House with Lilith conjunction). That may push Jason to feel that Chrishell doesn’t have it at all.

Chrishell also has Aries related to a partnership as part of her understanding of the world. Aries is about being a leader, taking initiative, be pushy. And we saw this in Selling Sunset. At least two times in the 5th season Chrishell told Jason “I’m not a person who would tell you how to do your business, but…” and she actually told him how to do this. It probably works with clients, but it works both ways, so partners will do the same to Chrishell. This impulsive, aggressive vibe with no care for others may have brought Chrishell an unexpected split with her husband. And Jason.

Chrishell’s life mission is to have the experience of naturally finding herself and standing up for herself via deep transformation (Sun in Cancer in the 8th House in conjunction with North Node and square with Pluto). The way she lives it is finding a guy (Sun) who will hurt her feelings (Sun in Cancer in the 8th House with Pluto square) and she’ll have to adapt to what happened (Sun in Cancer) and get stronger.

In my opinion, that’s not a very productive way to transform yourself. I would recommend Chrishell look at what Jason’s doing. He is pushing himself, he is not using other people to hurt him to accumulate energy from negative emotions to become better.

One of the scenarios for Chrishell to improve her relationships with men is to put herself at risk of failing in business/career (Pluto is in the 10th House). She could open her own brokerage, for example. Doing something risky, overwhelming, something that will kick her out of her comfort zone in her career will feed this need to learn how to transform via challenges so there will be no need for her partner to hurt her anymore.

The photo is from Chrishell’s Instagram.

April 29, 2022 – Moon forecast

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