I’ve opened up the aSearch (think of astrology-based Google) seed round. Its main purpose is to use the huge demand for astrology guidance to offer people astrology knowledge for free and charge companies for putting their products and services in front of a warm, interested audience.

If you prefer text over video, you can read it here.

There are three phases/projects of developing the aSearch:

  • Short-term (6 to 12 months) – Astrology keys to feeling safe and secure:

building a site that lets people submit their date, place, and time of birth to get information about a home environment that feels safe for them.

The safety guidance will include home goods properties (color, shape, size, quantity, and so on); type of food to eat; types of mind and body care; types of visuals to watch (comedies, dramas, documentaries, and so on). Customers also will get visual references to recognize what feels safe for them and the list of suggested products.

The astrology concept of the projects can be found here:

As soon as we get a sizable audience we’ll start charging businesses to put their products on the list of suggested products. I assume that the project will reach self-sufficiency at this stage and produce some funding for the next stages.

  • Medium-term (18 to 24 months) – Astrology web search engine for household goods:

building a web search site for household goods. The site allows people to search for home goods based on their data, place, and time (if known) of birth.

  • Long-term (24 to 60 months) – aSearch:

building the web search engine that runs customers’ search for anything based on their date, place, and time (if known) of birth.

We adopted Google’s business model: the information/service is free to customers; businesses pay a fee to list their products and services on the project’s sites.

Raising $300K, minimum investment per investor – $25K.

About the project runner

Yulia Winslow

Yulia Winslow: author of practical astrology guides, Master’s degree in Law, 20+ years of legal experience, chess player

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