Astro insights – order of zodiac signs

Have you ever thought why zodiac signs are placed in that particular order from Aries to Pisces? I have a guess: the order represents emotions-actions-result-share sequence. Water signs are associated with emotions that push people to take action (Fire signs), that produce results (Earth signs), that are shared (Air signs) that evoke emotions. And theContinue reading “Astro insights – order of zodiac signs”

Add Aquarius and Aries to your wallet

If you have Aquarius or Aries influencing your 2nd House (money), Delta’s credit card made of piece of metal (Aries) from aircraft (Aquarius) is a perfect way for you to get connected to energies ruling your money.

Reddit case: suffer or be alone?

Question: I’ve only ever been in relationships with people who are really mean to me. I’ve never had a healthy happy relationship. Is this, or just dying alone, my only 2 options, if you can glean that from a chart? Astrological perspective. My guess would be you don’t have enough Pisces (being alone) and PlutoContinue reading “Reddit case: suffer or be alone?”

78 countries!

I recently checked my blog statistics, and it turned out that people from 78 countries have read my blog in 2022. Wow! I can’t be thankful enough to be able to share my astrological approach with people of so many different languages and cultures. It’s incredible and proves that astrology is one of the mostContinue reading “78 countries!”