In common: Bella Hadid joins Madonna and Fetterman

A month ago I wrote a post about similarities in charts of the politician and pop-star. Recently I came across another chart has same energies in one more chart that belongs to a supermodel Bella Hadid. Virgo Moon-Venus conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter aspects brought to Bella’s life hard work and ability to accumulate publicContinue reading “In common: Bella Hadid joins Madonna and Fetterman”

In common: John Fetterman and Madonna

Who would think that one of the world’s most famous pop stars and a tattooed U.S. Senate candidate in jeans and hoody have so much in common? Both Madonna and John Fetterman have Virgo Moon-Mercury-Pluto conjunction with Sagittarius/Taurus Saturn and Taurus/Sagittarius Mars aspects: not that emotional; hard-working; eager to control crowds; able to plan activityContinue reading “In common: John Fetterman and Madonna”

Reddit case: Is there a reason I’m only “popular” locally?

Question: Is there a reason I’m only “popular” locally? How can I spread my influence and audience? (Music, Speech, Jokes? I’d really appreciate specifics if possible) Astrological perspective: Your South Node is in the 3rd House (past lives involved experience of interaction with people on the same level) and your life mission is to getContinue reading “Reddit case: Is there a reason I’m only “popular” locally?”

Reddit case: Seriousness

People say about this person they’re too serious. If people ask about seriousness, look for Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. And we see Moon in Taurus, half of the natal chart including Sun in Capricorn, South Node in conjunction with Saturn (Capricorn). A lot of seriousness!

Ways of creating Virgo sensations:

Food/Drinks: anything that is scientifically/medically useful; food in which ingredients are not mixed into something uniform, and you can distinguish specific items, for example, sandwiches, cuts; vitamins, especially if recommended by a specialist. Creating an environment appropriate for eating, resting, and sleeping (tablecloths, plates, cutlery, bed linens, a favorite chair, the interior of the kitchen,Continue reading “Ways of creating Virgo sensations:”

Possible signals that your sense of safety and security may include Virgo elements:

– it’s difficult to spend money on pleasures without benefit; – the slightest mess makes you nervous; – you always know exactly how much money you have in your wallet, on your cards, in your investments, to the penny; – your tools are always in perfect order or close to being in perfect order; –Continue reading “Possible signals that your sense of safety and security may include Virgo elements:”

Virgo – recognition

Virgo is the greatest digitizer of all things: it recognizes, describes, and labels all processes, phenomena, and objects, and sorts them into categories for easy understanding and use. Typical Virgo occupations include assistants, accountants, engineers, customer service, support services, anything related to user-friendliness, and medical therapists. Virgo energies are characterized by pedantry and neatness. Therefore,Continue reading “Virgo – recognition”