Reddit case: bad luck?

Full question: “Is there anything in my chart that indicates some bad luck? Because for about 3 years it has been bad luck and misfortune and very limited moment of pure happiness. It’s scary because I am not even 20 yet so imagine what will happen to me when I hit my 20s.” The natalContinue reading “Reddit case: bad luck?”

Natal chart manifestation: Beto O’Rourke

Here is another person who wants everyone to know he doesn’t take corporate dollars – Beto O’Rourke. His chart has a lot of similarities with Ann Marie Danimus’s natal chart: Refusing to take money from corporations is an actualized aspect between Venus and Lilith in Scorpio which also brought him a wife via blind date.Continue reading “Natal chart manifestation: Beto O’Rourke”

Natal chart manifestation: Ann Marie Danimus

One of the keystones of Ann Marie Danimus platform is no money from corporations because it’s unethical. Direct quote from her tweet: “Cathy McMorris Rodgers has taken MILLIONS of unethical dollars. I won’t take one penny from corporations. EVER. That stops with me.” Where do we see in the natal chart? Venus in Leo inContinue reading “Natal chart manifestation: Ann Marie Danimus”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Cancer

Cancer vibe is about feeling safe and secure, naturalness, home, care, and coziness. In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: white, pearl, pale shadows of other colors Gems/crystals: moonstone, pearl, white coral, other soft gems/crystals  Materials: silver Plants: lotus, water lilies, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, willow Animals/birds/insects: cow, frog, snail, duck, cat Mythology: Diana, Selena, Artemis,Continue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Cancer”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Gemini

Gemini vibe is about connections, numerosity,  mobility, easy-going, friendly, small In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: yellow, mixtures of colors Gems/Crystals: crystal quartz, agate Materials: aluminum  Plants: cumin, hazel, hops, bindweeds Animals/birds/insects: squirrel, small dogs, monkeys, stoat, common nightingale Mythology: Hermes, Ashvins, Loki Rune: Ansuz Tarot: Magus More: letters, stackable jewelry Examples of GeminiContinue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Gemini”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Taurus

Taurus vibe is about material beauty, sufficiency, satisfaction, and stability. In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: pink, green Gems: all polished gemstones; emerald, beryl, malachite, spinel Materials: copper Plants: daffodils, violets Animals/birds/insects: dove, partridge, crane/stork, rabbit Mythology: Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Freya Rune: Fehu Tarot: Empress More: sweet smell, tasty and satisfying foodContinue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Taurus”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Aries

Aries vibe is about competitiveness, challenge, entrepreneurship, and sex. In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: red, metallic Materials: metal, steel Crystals/Gems: Ruby, Red Garnet, Heliotrope (Bloodstone), Hematite Plants: with sharp edges, spiny, spicy (onion, garlic, tobacco, pepper, fern, thistle, burdock, hawthorn, thorn, arrowhead, sedge, nettle, rosehip) Animals/birds/insects: bull, leopard, wolf, falcon, kite, wasp Mythology:Continue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Aries”

Jewelry Astro marathon

Venus in the natal chart represents the ability to be a partner, connect to resources, make choices, charm others, give a form/shape to everything, see and create beauty, and enjoy the material side of life. Whenever you deal with jewelry (choose, wear, collect, give, and so on) you enhance all these abilities that are beneficialContinue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon”

Kamala Harris and her Lilith

The Hill published the article “Will Kamala Harris rank as one of the worst VPs in history?” Media blames Vice President for her “word-salad speeches”. Where do they come from? My guess is they are tricks played by Lilith in Capricorn in the 7th House. The most illustrative is one of Kamala’s recent speeches whereContinue reading “Kamala Harris and her Lilith”