Gretchen Whitmer: Games of Lilith

News is full of stories about the opening trial of 4 men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. More than a year ago The Hour Of Detroit published an article named The Surreal Life of Gretchen Whitmer. If you know nothing a little about her life since the start of 2020, lookContinue reading “Gretchen Whitmer: Games of Lilith”

Signs that your sense of safety contains Aquarius elements

you struggle with sitting tight; you’re afraid to go on planes; regularly putting many things until tomorrow; can’t spend a couple of hours without your phone; putting the interests of your friends and/or colleagues first most of the time; struggle to understand other people emotions and motives; your jokes often are not appropriate; you’re brutallyContinue reading “Signs that your sense of safety contains Aquarius elements”

Aliens. Who are they?

I’ve got an insight yesterday. Aliens the way people imagine them are not creatures from other planets. That’s the future of humankind itself. Aliens are people’s ideas about themselves in the future. And as soon as we live in the age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus, the planet of the fastest speed, this future isContinue reading “Aliens. Who are they?”

Reddit case: my husband and dad died this year. Is there hope for me?

Death is one of the strongest tools the Universe uses to make a change in family and personal dynamics. How it can play out? Here is a very interesting case:

Fashion/Style: Undercover – Aquarius brand

If you don’t understand how Aquarius influence style and appearance or your Venus is affected by Uranus (has aspects, placed in the 11th House, in Aquarius), look at new Undercover Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection. It’s a perfect example of non-traditional, out-of-the box vibe the Aquarius ruler Uranus brings to the fashion table. Don’t forget toContinue reading “Fashion/Style: Undercover – Aquarius brand”