Elizabeth Holmes verdict tarot reading was right

Although we still don’t know what punishment will Elizabeth Holmes end up with, I’m glad to announce that my December tarot reading on the verdict in her case was accurate. As many media reported yesterday Theranos founder was convicted Monday of four federal charges of fraud. What I was wrong about it is the time jury needed toContinue reading “Elizabeth Holmes verdict tarot reading was right”

Use of tarot spread for a campaign strategy.

I’ve been working on the client’s request about the 2022 elections. Astrology wise chances look pretty good, so I decided to add a tarot reading for primaries to understand what actions or ideas can help the client to win the elections. The spread shows that the client can use as a foundation appeal to science,Continue reading “Use of tarot spread for a campaign strategy.”

Elizabeth Holmes verdict tarot reading

Another big trial is about to end. The jury begins deliberations in Elizabeth Holme’s case. So it’s time to make a spread. The spread doesn’t have that straightforward reading in my opinion. It can be read as lots of intense emotions (10 of Swords) after a long period of holding them up (The Chariot) becauseContinue reading “Elizabeth Holmes verdict tarot reading”

Kyle Rittenhouse: verdict tarot prediction was right!

Less than 24 hours ago I did the tarot reading for Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial verdict. The spread showed me that Kyle will be acquitted and it will happen fast. And here it is – Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges. I love to work with tarot cards! Anybody wants a reading?!

Kyle Rittenhouse: verdict tarot reading

As of today, November 18th, 2021, the jurors in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse have concluded their third day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. They will resume deliberating at 10 a.m. ET Friday, 11/19/21. The tarot spread I did shows a lot of tension for the present moment, a fight (of opinions) for theContinue reading “Kyle Rittenhouse: verdict tarot reading”