In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian

Although we are all different, we all have many more things in common than people usually think. Let’s explore two icons’ natal charts and see what zodiac signs influence they share. Moon: the world is a place to be a beautiful (Taurus) influencer (Sagittarius), and a professional (Capricorn) by hiding your true self behind illusionsContinue reading “In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian”

Reddit case: I feel drained easily when I do deal with others

If you feel discomfort dealing with others there is a big chance it’s connected to your sense of safety or your ego and identity. Here is an interesting case:

How to get a sense of safety?

Every House and planet of the natal chart have a matching sign. When you see your Moon in Gemini in the 5th House in aspect with Neptune, for example, you can tell, that your Moon is influenced not only by Gemini because it sits in this sign. It also gets an effect of Pisces fromContinue reading “How to get a sense of safety?”

Reddit case: my husband and dad died this year. Is there hope for me?

Death is one of the strongest tools the Universe uses to make a change in family and personal dynamics. How it can play out? Here is a very interesting case:

Why negative goals don’t work

Watch the video: Or read the text: Do you want to get rid of something in your life? If we won’t explore your conscious and unconscious motivations to get this result, it makes sense to understand desires and goals from an astrological point of view.Desire – Sun, goals – Jupiter, Mars starts any activities towardsContinue reading “Why negative goals don’t work”