Reddit case: concerned about wealth, possessions, and living in luxury too much

Question: Why am I so bougie? I’m waaay more concerned about wealth, possessions, and living in luxury than I’m comfortable admitting. Astrological perspective. South Node is in Cancer ruled by Moon in the 9th House – everything that related to Moon placements and Sagittarius circumstances is very familiar from past lives, feels natural, and theContinue reading “Reddit case: concerned about wealth, possessions, and living in luxury too much”

In common: Bella Hadid joins Madonna and Fetterman

A month ago I wrote a post about similarities in charts of the politician and pop-star. Recently I came across another chart has same energies in one more chart that belongs to a supermodel Bella Hadid. Virgo Moon-Venus conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter aspects brought to Bella’s life hard work and ability to accumulate publicContinue reading “In common: Bella Hadid joins Madonna and Fetterman”

Reddit case: why I overdo apology?

Question: What is in my chart makes me want to overdo apologies? Like I don’t believe I will be forgiven if I don’t go overboard. Astrology explains: I believe no one placement can explain behavioral patterns, but a combination of a few can:

Reddit case: addiction caused by depressive episodes

Question: Currently stuck in my life, with issues due to addiction caused by my depressive episodes and emotional instability. I would like help with my chart reading so I can understand myself better. Astrological perspective The unconscious and emotional self (Moon) is in Taurus, so one can think you’re pretty emotionally stable and oriented towardContinue reading “Reddit case: addiction caused by depressive episodes”

Natal chart manifestation – Nicki Minaj

To be constantly (South Node in Capricorn) lied on (South Node in the 12th House, Moon-Neptune aspect & Sun-Venus-Neptune conjunction – Pisces), bullied, attacked (Moon is the 8th House – Scorpio, Moon-Mars aspect – Aries). And the whole performance of the phrase – Ascendant Mars with Pluto/Saturn aspect.

In common: Blood con artists

Last week Mark Schena was convicted for engaging in a scheme to defraud investors by claiming that he had invented revolutionary technology to test for virtually any disease using only a few drops of blood. Sounds familiar? Of course, the infamous Elizabeth Holmes comes to mind right away. What’s these blood con artists have inContinue reading “In common: Blood con artists”

Reddit case – I always see people’s weaknesses

Question: why do I so easily see people’s weaknesses?? It happens quickly too – normally after minutes of conversation, and sometimes just by observing them in a social situation… I just know their weak points automatically, it’s kind of not fun. Astrology perspective: There is no single placement that can explain behavioral patterns in myContinue reading “Reddit case – I always see people’s weaknesses”

In common: John Fetterman and Madonna

Who would think that one of the world’s most famous pop stars and a tattooed U.S. Senate candidate in jeans and hoody have so much in common? Both Madonna and John Fetterman have Virgo Moon-Mercury-Pluto conjunction with Sagittarius/Taurus Saturn and Taurus/Sagittarius Mars aspects: not that emotional; hard-working; eager to control crowds; able to plan activityContinue reading “In common: John Fetterman and Madonna”

Natal chart manifestation: emotional and chaotic life

Question: Is there a reason why my whole life is chaotic and emotional? Astrological perspective. Lot’s of Pisces (Moon in Pisces, Sun-Neptune conjunction), Aquarius (Moon-Uranus conjunction, Sun in Aquarius) and Scorpio (Moon and Venus in the 8th House, South Node is in Scorpio) energies. Basically it’s a lot of chaotic (Aquarius) dramatical (Scorpio) emotions (Pisces).Continue reading “Natal chart manifestation: emotional and chaotic life”

Natal chart manifestation: all my guys have “mommy issues”

Question: Is there anything in my chart that shows why I always end up with guys with mommy issues? Mom killing herself, mom leaving, abusive mom, etc. Astrology perspective: Abusive/killing mom: a lot of Scorpio energy influencing emotions Moon-Pluto opposition+South Node-Pluto conjunction+7th House in Scorpio; Leaving mom: Moon-11th House Uranus aspect – Aquarius energy manifestingContinue reading “Natal chart manifestation: all my guys have “mommy issues””