Roe v. Wade overturning supporters

Here are natal charts of a few people who got on the news because they welcomed the Supreme Court decision that the constitutional right to abortion no longer exists: To understand what’s behind people’s choices regarding abortions, you need to look at Moon and Venus, two planets, related to women and giving birth. All ofContinue reading “Roe v. Wade overturning supporters”

Mixing zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn

Streets in NYC is a great example of different energies going well together: Park Ave – respectable and prestigious = Capricorn+Sagittarius; Madison Ave – busy and fashionable = Gemini+Taurus/Libra 5th Ave – famous and stuffed with cool museums = Leo+Sagittarius

Reddit case: lately been using drugs and drinking.

Question: I want to help myself do better, feel better, be better, lately been using drugs and drinking, Just seeking something you could advise, what should I do and what’s up whit me what can I do, anything really that could give me some sort of clarity. Astrology perspective. Drugs and drinking are related toContinue reading “Reddit case: lately been using drugs and drinking.”

Reddit case:  why I always feel the need to make myself the center or someone’s world?

Question: Anything in my chart point to why I always feel the need to make myself the center or someone’s world? I’ll make this question more specific to romantic situations, but it doesn’t matter how into the person I am initially (like there could be almost no feelings) I always find myself needing to be…Continue reading “Reddit case:  why I always feel the need to make myself the center or someone’s world?”

Reddit case: why do I need to work hard to feel I deserve things?

Here is a good illustration of how Scorpio energy works when it manifests in the Sagittarius realm (moral, ethics, what’s right, and what’s wrong). Question: I believe that I don’t deserve anything unless I worked pretty hard to get it. Which annoys me sometimes. Thoughts? Astrology perspective:  I would say it’s Scorpio’s influence: – SouthContinue reading “Reddit case: why do I need to work hard to feel I deserve things?”

78 countries!

I recently checked my blog statistics, and it turned out that people from 78 countries have read my blog in 2022. Wow! I can’t be thankful enough to be able to share my astrological approach with people of so many different languages and cultures. It’s incredible and proves that astrology is one of the mostContinue reading “78 countries!”

Reddit case: why do I want to be an actress so bad?

Our desires, behavior patterns, and issues never depend on one natal chart placement. Energies in different areas of life support each other to create a whole identity. Here is a great example from Reddit. Question:“No matter how much I try to convince myself of going into a regular career to have stability and decent money,Continue reading “Reddit case: why do I want to be an actress so bad?”

In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian

Although we are all different, we all have many more things in common than people usually think. Let’s explore two icons’ natal charts and see what zodiac signs influence they share. Moon: the world is a place to be a beautiful (Taurus) influencer (Sagittarius), and a professional (Capricorn) by hiding your true self behind illusionsContinue reading “In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian”

Ways to create Sagittarius sensations

Food/Drinks: foreign, different from your own country (pizza, even though it is Italian, will not do, because it’s similar worldwide. Sushi, on the other hand, will give you a foreign feel, especially if you eat it with chopsticks); elitist foods; conviction foods (veganism, fasting, etc.). Creating an environment appropriate for eating, resting, and sleeping (tablecloths,Continue reading “Ways to create Sagittarius sensations”