Fashion/Style: Undercover – Aquarius brand

If you don’t understand how Aquarius influence style and appearance or your Venus is affected by Uranus (has aspects, placed in the 11th House, in Aquarius), look at new Undercover Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection. It’s a perfect example of non-traditional, out-of-the box vibe the Aquarius ruler Uranus brings to the fashion table. Don’t forget toContinue reading “Fashion/Style: Undercover – Aquarius brand”

Fashion/Style – Romantic Neptune 2021 collection by ZIMMERMANN

Have you already seen a very romantic, Neptune energy infused ZIMMERMANN “THE SPRING 2021 READY TO WEAR COLLECTION, WILD BOTANICA” collection? If your Venus or Ascendant have any Neptune influence (in Pisces, Neptune aspect or placement) this is a must watch collection. Just a few looks to inspire you to dive into this beauty: