Lauren Boebert and Ilhan Omar have much more in common than they think

News is full of Omar-Boebert conflict coverage and thanks to that I got to look at Ilhan Omar’s natal chart. There are no coincidences in who we argue with. There is always a reason why a person has a conflict with a particular person. There is an unseen connection between people who argue. And I’mContinue reading “Lauren Boebert and Ilhan Omar have much more in common than they think”

Lauren Boebert: is jail better than home?

Colorado Congresswoman makes the news with stories that caught my attention. There is something peculiar about what Lauren Boebert’s life consists of. The time of the birth is now known to the public, I think it’s around 5.16 am. And here is what media reports that support this time of birth: No father was listedContinue reading “Lauren Boebert: is jail better than home?”

Alec Baldwin’s accident: the woman is dead, the man survived.

Was it an accident that the famous actor killed a woman? Let’s look at Alec’s natal chart and prognosis to think about it. His time of birth is not known to the public, so everything in my post is just a fantasy.I think my research subject’s time of birth could be 8.22 pm: If that’sContinue reading “Alec Baldwin’s accident: the woman is dead, the man survived.”

From Reddit – What if dating hurts?

Find out why and fix the cause! The case: In other post the author wrote “To be honest, I have never actually dated the past, I used to ask people I either knew well (or thought I did) as friends, some of whom I thought felt the same way about me, but..every time IContinue reading “From Reddit – What if dating hurts?”