Instead of Oscar 2022 incident

With all the IT humankind has developed in recent decades society finally has got an opportunity to accumulate the mental energy of millions of people by bringing topics to learn and discuss simultaneously across the globe. What do we use this powerful feature for? Endless discussions of celebrities’ lives. The wast majority of celebrities relateContinue reading “Instead of Oscar 2022 incident”

In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian

Although we are all different, we all have many more things in common than people usually think. Let’s explore two icons’ natal charts and see what zodiac signs influence they share. Moon: the world is a place to be a beautiful (Taurus) influencer (Sagittarius), and a professional (Capricorn) by hiding your true self behind illusionsContinue reading “In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian”

Reddit case: I’ve always suffered with concentration/memory issues, slow learning and brain fog

Concentration and memory are ruled by Moon, so whenever your Moon is influenced by Pisces there is a chance you’ll have problems with concentration if you don’t use Pisces energy when you perform other Moon’s functions – eat, sleep, relax. But it’s also important to look at Mercury because it’s connected with the mind andContinue reading “Reddit case: I’ve always suffered with concentration/memory issues, slow learning and brain fog”

Reddit case: I feel drained easily when I do deal with others

If you feel discomfort dealing with others there is a big chance it’s connected to your sense of safety or your ego and identity. Here is an interesting case:

The Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev

The third swindler’s victim didn’t give the media her date of birth, that’s why I’ll move on to the swindler himself. You would think that a criminal has a completely different picture in the natal chart in comparison with victims’ natal charts. But actually, that’s not true. Leviev’s safety is strongly influenced by Pisces (lies),Continue reading “The Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev”

The Tinder Swindler – Pernilla Sjöholm

The second victim didn’t even want “love” relationships with him. She was satisfied with just being a friend of a rich guy with a lavish lifestyle. The swindler used this need to get Pernilla’s sympathy by inviting her to luxury places and parties for free. After a while, he pretended he is in danger andContinue reading “The Tinder Swindler – Pernilla Sjöholm”

The Tinder Swindler – Cecilie Fjellhøy

Have you seen The Tinder Swindler documentary on Netflix? Quite an interesting story from an astrology point of view.The first victim, Cecilie Fjellhøy, has many zodiac signs that influence her sense of safety (Moon) and caused her $250K debt. We see Pisces, that switched off her mind, let her believe all the lies her newContinue reading “The Tinder Swindler – Cecilie Fjellhøy”