They smoke, you get fat

A very interesting article about the study that found a connection between your grandparents’ smoking habit and your fat is published on The Hill site. Does astrology agree with the study? Absolutely! Although there are nuances about the mechanism of this connection. Smoking on a psychological level is an act of aggression aimed at yourself,Continue reading “They smoke, you get fat”

Aquarius is superconscious

While Pisces turns off our mind, Aquarius turns off our senses to prevent them from interrupting our attachment to the superconsciousness. If a person doesn’t have any senses they don’t need to use their resources to evaluate what’s going on with them and the world around them to make sure they are safe. Without sensesContinue reading “Aquarius is superconscious”

How to get Pisces sense of safety

Food/drinks: wild nature gifts you can eat without processing and preparing – fruits, nuts, seeds; seafood; water and other drinks infused with the energy of Moon or other energies; wine. Your eating, sleeping, and relaxing environment (decor of places where you eat, sleep, relax and what you use to eat, sleep, relax – tableware, bed,Continue reading “How to get Pisces sense of safety”

Signs that your sense of safety contains Pisces elements

People lie to you often; You frequently become a victim of circumstances or people; You’re addicted to anything – food, other people, courses, social media, travels, shopping, drugs, alcohol, and so on; You often fall in love with people who are not available (married, from a different social league, living far away…); You constantly helpContinue reading “Signs that your sense of safety contains Pisces elements”

Pisces is trance

Pisces energy manifests through states when the conscious part of a person doesn’t participate in perception and evaluation of reality including the person’s body. We’re in Pisces mode when our judgment is off and we don’t filter reality with our mind to put “good”, “bad” and other labels on. This is the state when weContinue reading “Pisces is trance”

How to get a sense of safety?

Every House and planet of the natal chart have a matching sign. When you see your Moon in Gemini in the 5th House in aspect with Neptune, for example, you can tell, that your Moon is influenced not only by Gemini because it sits in this sign. It also gets an effect of Pisces fromContinue reading “How to get a sense of safety?”

How to use astrology to understand your sense of safety

While we can’t get access to the detailed safety model due to its unconscious nature, astrology has tools to unveil the safety model to the extent its recreation through similar sensations becomes possible. Astrologer will look at Moon properties in your natal chart to give you an idea of what you can do to giveContinue reading “How to use astrology to understand your sense of safety”

How your sense of safety is born

When a person comes to the material world a body is the only way to exist. The body starts to develop in the womb. It’s the first reality for any human being. It’s our first interaction with the material world. That’s how we learn what the world is, how it functions, what it’s about. AndContinue reading “How your sense of safety is born”

I wonder if Donald Trump loves The Queen’s Gambit

When “The Queen’s Gambit” became a top show on Netflix I decided to watch it although as a chess player I had some doubts that I would enjoy it. After a couple of episodes, I felt pretty confused about what people love about Beth Harmon. Apart from the intense look, there was nothing specific aboutContinue reading “I wonder if Donald Trump loves The Queen’s Gambit”

Reddit case: my husband and dad died this year. Is there hope for me?

Death is one of the strongest tools the Universe uses to make a change in family and personal dynamics. How it can play out? Here is a very interesting case: