Gemini – transmitter of information

Gemini filters the senses and consciousness by allowing only the things that don’t get in the way of learning about the world and sharing information. Unlike Virgo, Gemini does not care about usefulness or convenience, it collects everything without hanging on to anything. Gemini is not in the business of processing facts or verifying theContinue reading “Gemini – transmitter of information”

Reddit case: I’ve always suffered with concentration/memory issues, slow learning and brain fog

Concentration and memory are ruled by Moon, so whenever your Moon is influenced by Pisces there is a chance you’ll have problems with concentration if you don’t use Pisces energy when you perform other Moon’s functions – eat, sleep, relax. But it’s also important to look at Mercury because it’s connected with the mind andContinue reading “Reddit case: I’ve always suffered with concentration/memory issues, slow learning and brain fog”

Capricorn Mercury in retrograde – let’s go back in time

No accident that the Arizona bill that would allow legislators to overturn the results of a primary or general election is proposed during retrograde (going backward, irrational) Mercury (count, prove) in Capricorn (time, formal power, traditions). Mercury is also in conjunction with Pluto (influence, manipulations) now. The author of the bill says: “I don’t care whatContinue reading “Capricorn Mercury in retrograde – let’s go back in time”

How to get a sense of safety?

Every House and planet of the natal chart have a matching sign. When you see your Moon in Gemini in the 5th House in aspect with Neptune, for example, you can tell, that your Moon is influenced not only by Gemini because it sits in this sign. It also gets an effect of Pisces fromContinue reading “How to get a sense of safety?”

Reddit case: my husband and dad died this year. Is there hope for me?

Death is one of the strongest tools the Universe uses to make a change in family and personal dynamics. How it can play out? Here is a very interesting case:

From Reddit – People treat me like I’m a kid.

We always are at least coathors of everything that happen in our life. So, if you don’t like something, consider starting with analyzing your own behavior. Or ask an astrologer. The case: