Reddit case: bad at studying

Question: Any idea why I’m so bad at studying and how can I approach it better? Astrology perspective: Mercury (mind, the ability to learn) is influenced by Aquarius (Uranus aspects), so the traditional way of learning when you memorize knowledge doesn’t go well with the chaotic and ever-changing Aquarius vibe. You should look for learningContinue reading “Reddit case: bad at studying”

Ways to create Aries sensations:

Food/Drinks: spicy, red, anything with lots of protein in it, meat with blood, fitness foods, anything predators eat.   Creating an environment appropriate for eating, resting, and sleeping (tablecloths, plates, cutlery, bed linens, a favorite chair, the interior of the kitchen, bedroom and other places where you usually eat, rest, and sleep): khaki, red; sharp objectsContinue reading “Ways to create Aries sensations:”

Possible signals that your sense of safety and security may include Aries elements:

– you can’t sit idly by; – inappropriate aggression; – provoking conflicts; – being yelled at frequently; – you feel that showing emotion means displaying weakness; – conflicts in the family are commonplace; – you often suffer abrasions, bruises, burns, fractures; – working excessively; – suffering from overwhelming laziness. Note: One cannot reach a definitiveContinue reading “Possible signals that your sense of safety and security may include Aries elements:”

Aries – impulse

Aries filters feelings and consciousness by allowing through only those things that aren’t in the way of action in the here and now. Aries is initiative, a leader, assertive, and displays entrepreneurship, grip, risk-taking, drive, fearlessness, martial valor, simplicity, directness, and sex.  Typical Aries occupations include: singing, massages, hands-on creativity, military affairs, any active sport,Continue reading “Aries – impulse”

Why negative goals don’t work

Watch the video: Or read the text: Do you want to get rid of something in your life? If we won’t explore your conscious and unconscious motivations to get this result, it makes sense to understand desires and goals from an astrological point of view.Desire – Sun, goals – Jupiter, Mars starts any activities towardsContinue reading “Why negative goals don’t work”