Reddit case: addiction caused by depressive episodes

Question: Currently stuck in my life, with issues due to addiction caused by my depressive episodes and emotional instability. I would like help with my chart reading so I can understand myself better. Astrological perspective The unconscious and emotional self (Moon) is in Taurus, so one can think you’re pretty emotionally stable and oriented towardContinue reading “Reddit case: addiction caused by depressive episodes”

Natal chart manifestation: Jackie Walorski

The Washington Post, among other media, reports the death of an Indiana Congresswoman: “Walorski, 58, was involved in a two-vehicle crash on Route 19 south of Route 119, according to the sheriff’s office. The driver of a northbound vehicle traveled left of the centerline and collided head-on with the sport-utility vehicle carrying Walorski and staffersContinue reading “Natal chart manifestation: Jackie Walorski”

Add Aquarius and Aries to your wallet

If you have Aquarius or Aries influencing your 2nd House (money), Delta’s credit card made of piece of metal (Aries) from aircraft (Aquarius) is a perfect way for you to get connected to energies ruling your money.

Reddit case: why do I struggle so hard to get into a productive routine?

It’s amazing how some people have enough self-reflection to identify their life mission. Sometimes though it happens too early in life, so people start to push themself to new experiences before they develop and polish the natural skills that will help them with their life mission. Here is chart and a case from Reddit thatContinue reading “Reddit case: why do I struggle so hard to get into a productive routine?”

Libra – balance

Libra is about interacting with others outside of hierarchical structures. The degree of intimacy ranges from spouses and immediate friends to incidental abusers and sworn enemies. When you go out in public, interacting with clients, you too are living Libra vibrations. Your interactions with others, unless you have a formal hierarchical relationship with them (family;Continue reading “Libra – balance”