Reddit case: lately been using drugs and drinking.

Question: I want to help myself do better, feel better, be better, lately been using drugs and drinking, Just seeking something you could advise, what should I do and what’s up whit me what can I do, anything really that could give me some sort of clarity. Astrology perspective. Drugs and drinking are related toContinue reading “Reddit case: lately been using drugs and drinking.”

Reddit case: low energy, trouble securing a job.

The full question (author’s grammar). “Having trouble securing a job, making money, and very low on energy. After the saturn jupiter conjunction in aquarius 2020 i got into investing for long term and i noticed i started seeing more money come towards me. But im still having a trouble securing a job. I dont doContinue reading “Reddit case: low energy, trouble securing a job.”

Scorpio – transformation

Scorpio gives space for sensations to use their long-term concentration and thickening to change their quality. A person’s consciousness and will can interfere with these processes, so Scorpio can turn off both. The most obvious example of Scorpio energy is the orgasm mechanism: increasing tension in the body instantly followed by relaxation. Ordinary people usuallyContinue reading “Scorpio – transformation”