Natal chart manifestation: Jackie Walorski

The Washington Post, among other media, reports the death of an Indiana Congresswoman: “Walorski, 58, was involved in a two-vehicle crash on Route 19 south of Route 119, according to the sheriff’s office. The driver of a northbound vehicle traveled left of the centerline and collided head-on with the sport-utility vehicle carrying Walorski and staffersContinue reading “Natal chart manifestation: Jackie Walorski”

Ron DeSantis’ time of birth

The Florida Governor is often in the news. Lately, the newspapers have been writing a lot about whether he will run for president. Unfortunately for astrologers, the public doesn’t know Ron’s birth time. I tried to guess what it can be and came up with this natal chart: This chart fits into the deaths ofContinue reading “Ron DeSantis’ time of birth”

Reddit case: Lost a sibling, a parent, and a long-term relationship in the past year.

Question:  Lost a sibling, a parent, and a long-term relationship in the past year. I’m feeling really beat down by life right now. Are there any indicators in my chart that point to good or bad choices in the future to make/avoid? Astrology perspective: Loss of parent and relationship – that seems like the resultContinue reading “Reddit case: Lost a sibling, a parent, and a long-term relationship in the past year.”

Ways to create Scorpio sensations:

Food/Drinks: spicy foods, meat, anything that predators eat, aphrodisiacs. Creating an environment appropriate for eating, resting, and sleeping (tablecloths, plates, cutlery, bed linens, a favorite chair, the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, and other places where you usually eat, rest, and sleep): black, the color of caked blood, brown; sharp, stabbing, cutting; whatever reminds youContinue reading “Ways to create Scorpio sensations:”

Scorpio – transformation

Scorpio gives space for sensations to use their long-term concentration and thickening to change their quality. A person’s consciousness and will can interfere with these processes, so Scorpio can turn off both. The most obvious example of Scorpio energy is the orgasm mechanism: increasing tension in the body instantly followed by relaxation. Ordinary people usuallyContinue reading “Scorpio – transformation”