Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 3)

Time to look at Jason’s side of family compatibility with Chrishell. Would Jason feel comfortable raising kids and living together with his employee? Jason’s Moon is in Aquarius. I will use my Astro compatibility guide you can download for free to find out is there a connection between Jason’s sense of safety and security andContinue reading “Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 3)”

Kim and Ye’s compatibility

Astrology knows 3 levels of compatibility: family (Moon), passion (Venus), and friendship (Mercury) levels. What kind of compatibility does one of the most famous ex-couple in the world have according to Kims’ and Ye’s natal charts? Blue pluses show good, positive compatibility; red pluses show hard compatibility with possible conflicts; minuses show no compatibility, thatContinue reading “Kim and Ye’s compatibility”