Reddit case: why do I want to be an actress so bad?

Our desires, behavior patterns, and issues never depend on one natal chart placement. Energies in different areas of life support each other to create a whole identity. Here is a great example from Reddit. Question:“No matter how much I try to convince myself of going into a regular career to have stability and decent money,Continue reading “Reddit case: why do I want to be an actress so bad?”

Reddit case: creative passions or traditional career path?

Sometimes people don’t see the way how to get all things they are passionate about because those things seem too different. But in reality, there is always a way to put what seems opposite together and come up with an activity that will feed at least most of your desires. Here is the case aboutContinue reading “Reddit case: creative passions or traditional career path?”

A case from Reddit – I’ve never properly fitted into society.

When you have a lot of higher planets, like Plutom Uranus, Neptune affecting your personality it may feel really difficult to feel yourself a part of a community. What’s the solution? Sometimes it’s good to delegate what you’re not good at to other people who are brilliant on that. The case:

Elizabeth Holmes and Greg Abbot: what do they have in common?

When I was looking at Elizabeth’s natal chart I caught myself on the familiar indication. And that was Venus in Capricorn placed in the 12th House with a light Neptune aspect. The public doesn’t know the time of birth of both subjects, so whatever I come up with in this post is just an astrologicalContinue reading “Elizabeth Holmes and Greg Abbot: what do they have in common?”