Natal chart manifestation: Jackie Walorski

The Washington Post, among other media, reports the death of an Indiana Congresswoman: “Walorski, 58, was involved in a two-vehicle crash on Route 19 south of Route 119, according to the sheriff’s office. The driver of a northbound vehicle traveled left of the centerline and collided head-on with the sport-utility vehicle carrying Walorski and staffersContinue reading “Natal chart manifestation: Jackie Walorski”

Ron DeSantis’ time of birth

The Florida Governor is often in the news. Lately, the newspapers have been writing a lot about whether he will run for president. Unfortunately for astrologers, the public doesn’t know Ron’s birth time. I tried to guess what it can be and came up with this natal chart: This chart fits into the deaths ofContinue reading “Ron DeSantis’ time of birth”

Cancer – naturalness

Cancer energy refers to naturalness, living in the present moment, eating, sleeping, having a roof over your head, coziness, comfort, and caring. In terms of feeling safe and secure, Cancer does not skew sensations, consciousness, and body connections in any way, so I have no special recommendations for creating Cancer sensations. Everything a person usuallyContinue reading “Cancer – naturalness”

In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian

Although we are all different, we all have many more things in common than people usually think. Let’s explore two icons’ natal charts and see what zodiac signs influence they share. Moon: the world is a place to be a beautiful (Taurus) influencer (Sagittarius), and a professional (Capricorn) by hiding your true self behind illusionsContinue reading “In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian”

Balenciaga and Crocks

Net-a-Porter always keeps you informed about fashion news and trends. Among their new arrivals are Crocs Madame pumps in white and black. That’s an interesting mixture of Cancer (crocks) and Capricorn (heels) created as the result of Balenciaga and Crock’s collaboration. The black pumps due to total black feel like the 80-Capricorn/20-Moon option, while theContinue reading “Balenciaga and Crocks”