Astrology Basics: Moon under Cancer influence

The Cancer influence doesn’t exist because the ruler of Cancer is Moon itself. So, your Moon is as it is: in the 4th House; in Cancer. If your Moon is in the 4th House in Cancer and doesn’t have aspects with other planets or Lilith your ability to relax, adapt and see the world asContinue reading “Astrology Basics: Moon under Cancer influence”

Astrology Basics: Moon in natal chart – functions, and self-check.

Moon in natal chart rules/defines how we: relax;  adapt; feel safe; connected to our emotions; act/react when we don’t think (automatic, instinctive, habitual actions/reaction);  use/earn money; how we see the world in general (if it’s a safe place or not). Check if your Moon lets you live a productive, happy life. If more than twoContinue reading “Astrology Basics: Moon in natal chart – functions, and self-check.”