Reddit case: why do I have terrible anxiety and OCD?

Anxiety is very often a manifestation of some air signs, especially Aquarius. Here is an interesting case from Reddit. Question: Any idea why I have so much trouble making friends/relationships if I have 11H Venus? Or why I have terrible anxiety and OCD? Astrology perspective: OCD and anxiety are probably a manifestation of Moon withContinue reading “Reddit case: why do I have terrible anxiety and OCD?”

Add Aquarius and Aries to your wallet

If you have Aquarius or Aries influencing your 2nd House (money), Delta’s credit card made of piece of metal (Aries) from aircraft (Aquarius) is a perfect way for you to get connected to energies ruling your money.

Mixing Zodiac with Amazon: Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius

Amazon just announced an experimental Alexa feature that allows the AI (Aquarius) assistant to mimic the voices (Pisces) of users’ dead relatives (Scorpio). If your Moon is influenced by all these signs, you may consider getting the new feature if it’ll be released and fill your world with a robotic replica of your dead relatives’Continue reading “Mixing Zodiac with Amazon: Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius”

Reddit case: I can’t sleep & I am continuing to have panic attacks.

Question: Please help. I can’t sleep & I am continuing to have panic attacks. I know the lack of sleep is only making this worse. Life is so heavy right now & my mind can get into such a rabbit hole. Please if you know anything that I could do to help my life, thatContinue reading “Reddit case: I can’t sleep & I am continuing to have panic attacks.”

78 countries!

I recently checked my blog statistics, and it turned out that people from 78 countries have read my blog in 2022. Wow! I can’t be thankful enough to be able to share my astrological approach with people of so many different languages and cultures. It’s incredible and proves that astrology is one of the mostContinue reading “78 countries!”

Instead of Oscar 2022 incident

With all the IT humankind has developed in recent decades society finally has got an opportunity to accumulate the mental energy of millions of people by bringing topics to learn and discuss simultaneously across the globe. What do we use this powerful feature for? Endless discussions of celebrities’ lives. The wast majority of celebrities relateContinue reading “Instead of Oscar 2022 incident”

In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian

Although we are all different, we all have many more things in common than people usually think. Let’s explore two icons’ natal charts and see what zodiac signs influence they share. Moon: the world is a place to be a beautiful (Taurus) influencer (Sagittarius), and a professional (Capricorn) by hiding your true self behind illusionsContinue reading “In common: Marilyn Monroe & Kim Kardashian”

The Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev

The third swindler’s victim didn’t give the media her date of birth, that’s why I’ll move on to the swindler himself. You would think that a criminal has a completely different picture in the natal chart in comparison with victims’ natal charts. But actually, that’s not true. Leviev’s safety is strongly influenced by Pisces (lies),Continue reading “The Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev”

How to get Aquarius sense of safety

Food/drinks: whatever gives your body a sense of being light; mix ill-matched, for example, fish and chocolate; eat already invented dishes with a strange combination of ingredients or non-traditional ways of cooking/processing regular food – cheese with mold, fried bananas, and so on. Your eating, sleeping, and relaxing environment (decor of places where you eat,Continue reading “How to get Aquarius sense of safety”

Signs that your sense of safety contains Aquarius elements

you struggle with sitting tight; you’re afraid to go on planes; regularly putting many things until tomorrow; can’t spend a couple of hours without your phone; putting the interests of your friends and/or colleagues first most of the time; struggle to understand other people emotions and motives; your jokes often are not appropriate; you’re brutallyContinue reading “Signs that your sense of safety contains Aquarius elements”