Astro insights – order of zodiac signs

Have you ever thought why zodiac signs are placed in that particular order from Aries to Pisces? I have a guess: the order represents emotions-actions-result-share sequence. Water signs are associated with emotions that push people to take action (Fire signs), that produce results (Earth signs), that are shared (Air signs) that evoke emotions. And theContinue reading “Astro insights – order of zodiac signs”

Luck for rising Aries

If nothing happens to you, but you’d like to embrace new opportunities, new people, new offers, look at your 1st House. Perhaps you don’t look and act the way you need to be noticed by the universe, by the people around you. Aries ascendant (rising Aries) or Mars in the 1st House. Nothing new comesContinue reading “Luck for rising Aries”

Aries – impulse

Aries filters feelings and consciousness by allowing through only those things that aren’t in the way of action in the here and now. Aries is initiative, a leader, assertive, and displays entrepreneurship, grip, risk-taking, drive, fearlessness, martial valor, simplicity, directness, and sex.  Typical Aries occupations include: singing, massages, hands-on creativity, military affairs, any active sport,Continue reading “Aries – impulse”