What does it mean live naturally

according to astrology?

During fetus and toddler period, body gets its first sensations. This is the time when a person has no judgment about reality, they just perceive it and learn to interact with it. That is the time when body gets a blueprint of reality via sensations. These sensations will be recognized by the body as familiar throughout whole life.

Whatever is familiar feels safe and secure. Everything else brings sense of a potential danger. When people sense danger, psychologists say they choose one of four available options:

  • fight (Fire);
  • flight (Air);
  • freeze (Earth)
  • fawn (Water)

Astrology helps to remove the need to respond to normal things that your body recognizes as potentially dangerous by creating an environment that feels safe to you.

When you feel safe in objectively safe circumstances, you are living a natural life. If you don’t want conflicts (fight), anxiety (flight), depression (freeze) or lies (fawn) in your life, organize your home in a way it makes you feel safe.

Find out how to create your safe environment at home in 4 easy steps:

  • fill in your name, place, date and time of birth in the natal chart builder;
  • hit “create chart” button;
  • find your Moon sign in the description;
  • scroll to your sign guidance:

Pick your Moon sign to get guidance:


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