Astro Revolution: Long story

Astrology is a tool to read changes in the subtle world that sooner or later, embody changes in the physical, material world. Changes in the material world, in its turn, affect the subtle world. It consists of a substance people call energy.

To differentiate one type of energy from another astrologers created a system of zodiac signs. Based on the objective similarity of vibrations of objects, processes, and phenomena astrology classifies everything into 12 energy categories that are called zodiac signs. A zodiac sign is a certain type of energy that manifests itself in objects of the material world and people’s behavior that correlate with this specific type of energy: 

  • Aries – impulse (red, khaki, sharp, spicy, sweat, metal, fire)
  • Taurus – resources (money, satisfaction, pink, clothes, long-lasting, satisfaction)
  • Gemini – transmission (language, gadgets, communication, sales, bites)
  • Cancer – naturalness (home, food, care, warmth, comfort, relaxation)
  • Leo – individuality (creativity, bright, gold, luxury, orange color, sweet, childish)
  • Virgo – recognition (details, usefulness, assistance, labels, routine)
  • Libra – balance (public, courts, high society, etiquette, intellectual pleasures)
  • Scorpio – transformation (sex, death, manipulation, investments, crowds)
  • Sagittarius – expansion (geography, cool, luxury, morals, values, religion)
  • Capricorn – hierarchy (top, discipline, subordination, time, plans)
  • Aquarius – intellect (IT, emotional detachment, humor, future, out-of-the-box)
  • Pisces – trance (nature, spirituality, financial markets, visual art, secrets)

Each person is born when the subtle world is set up in a certain way. That defines what kind of energy will be present in different areas of a person’s life and how these energies will change throughout life. Astrologers see the energy configuration at the time of birth of an individual in the natal chart through planets’ positions in the sky at the time. 

Planets don’t influence people directly. Each planet represents a certain zodiac sign. Their movement across the sky embodies changes in the subtle world (energies) that influence people. Planets’ positions are like lines in a timetable: they show what type of energy has more effect on a person, where, when, and in what way. 

The fact astrology has access to the schedule of changes in the subtle world makes it a highly customized tool for self-understanding, navigating all sides of life, and forecasting the future. However, with the current stage of astrology development, it’s impossible to create a technology for mass forecasting or accurate description of personality that helps in everyday life. We need much more research on how the subtle world influences the physical world to be able to automate astrological readings. Nevertheless, today we already can help people to improve their lives using astrology knowledge accumulated by mankind for thousands of years.

The natal chart shows what types of energy (zodiac signs) influence different areas of life for every person. Objects that embody every zodiac sign energy are the same for everyone, regardless of each individual’s attitude. This is the key to automating the filtering of everything that exists in the material world according to the zodiac signs. 

When you use things that match the energy of the subtle world that affect your life, you neutralize its negative impact and enhance the positive effect. Organizing life according to astrology is like sailing or flying with a tailwind.

Let’s help people understand themselves and the world better with the following astrology platforms:

aSearch – the first true organic search engine that runs individual searches based on a customer’s natal chart. It’s like Astro Google – people search for free and businesses pay for being on the 1st page of the search results. 

aFilter – plugins to filter products/services by astrology signs so customers can make astrology based searches (applicable for e-commerce, travel, hospitality, real estate, financial, beauty and styling industries)

aWatch – plugins to filter movies/series/shows so customers can find what can help them relax, concentrate, be active, and so on.

aConnect – site/app to connect to people for personal/business/leisure partnership based on astrology 

aCommunity – a social network where people can choose content/circle of friends according to astrology

aElementary – applied astrology school for everyone (practical how-to lessons)

aCourses – astrology courses for professionals to help them enhance their services with basic astrology knowledge to help people in a more efficient way

aReseach – a research app with people voluntarily registering changes in their lives to contribute to the creation of the biggest astrology database with a wide range of experience. With this database, for the first time astrologers would be able to compare events in the life of a large diverse group of people with astrological indicators. Till now astrologers had access to natal charts and life events of a small group of well-known people whose experience may not be relevant to the majority of the population.

Why join?

The global principles of the functioning of humanity as a community of billions of people have been rapidly changing. Each individual needs something that gives the feeling of belonging to the human race. Religion and other spiritual beliefs used to be what gave this feeling of being a human. People were informally, sincerely united by belonging to the divine: something that cannot be proven but can be felt. Their connection was heart to heart. Not anymore. Feelings and other non-material phenomena cease to be ephemeral and become measurable by putting them into words and other symbols. The mind has replaced the heart as the main source of connection between people and of a sense of belonging to humanity. Now people connect mind to mind.

If you want to be involved in pioneering navigation in the new era of humankind’s development, astrology is the best to invest your time, energy, and dedication. It operates with numbers and facts, includes everyone, and doesn’t differentiate people according to their race, gender, age, or social status.

Astrology gives perspective. That helps explains things that seem absurd at the first glance. For example, do you know why Kim Kardashian has 300 million followers? She’s got talents, but as humankind do we really need that many people to follow her makeup and other skills? No, we don’t. She’s got millions of followers not to show her beautiful self to the number of people compared with 90% of the population of the U.S., but to promote a new, Aquarius world and human mentality. Like all other “influencers” with millions of followers. The only thing they have in common is the Aquarius vibe as a part of their unconscious understanding of the world.

The perspective that comes with astrology also gives unexpected explanations for facts that have a reason that lies on the surface but does not explain the real essence of phenomena. For example, why do we need social networks? To get the experience of aiming metal energy (thoughts) of millions of people towards one subject at the same time across the globe. Social networks are the testing ground for the functioning of united mental energy.

Are you ready for intellectual adventures with similar-minded people exploring new humankind vibes? You’re welcome to join!

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