Jewelry Astro marathon – Cancer

Cancer vibe is about feeling safe and secure, naturalness, home, care, and coziness. In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: white, pearl, pale shadows of other colors Gems/crystals: moonstone, pearl, white coral, other soft gems/crystals  Materials: silver Plants: lotus, water lilies, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, willow Animals/birds/insects: cow, frog, snail, duck, cat Mythology: Diana, Selena, Artemis,Continue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Cancer”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Gemini

Gemini vibe is about connections, numerosity,  mobility, easy-going, friendly, small In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: yellow, mixtures of colors Gems/Crystals: crystal quartz, agate Materials: aluminum  Plants: cumin, hazel, hops, bindweeds Animals/birds/insects: squirrel, small dogs, monkeys, stoat, common nightingale Mythology: Hermes, Ashvins, Loki Rune: Ansuz Tarot: Magus More: letters, stackable jewelry Examples of GeminiContinue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Gemini”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Taurus

Taurus vibe is about material beauty, sufficiency, satisfaction, and stability. In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: pink, green Gems: all polished gemstones; emerald, beryl, malachite, spinel Materials: copper Plants: daffodils, violets Animals/birds/insects: dove, partridge, crane/stork, rabbit Mythology: Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Freya Rune: Fehu Tarot: Empress More: sweet smell, tasty and satisfying foodContinue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Taurus”

Jewelry Astro marathon – Aries

Aries vibe is about competitiveness, challenge, entrepreneurship, and sex. In jewelry design, it manifests via: Colors: red, metallic Materials: metal, steel Crystals/Gems: Ruby, Red Garnet, Heliotrope (Bloodstone), Hematite Plants: with sharp edges, spiny, spicy (onion, garlic, tobacco, pepper, fern, thistle, burdock, hawthorn, thorn, arrowhead, sedge, nettle, rosehip) Animals/birds/insects: bull, leopard, wolf, falcon, kite, wasp Mythology:Continue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon – Aries”

Jewelry Astro marathon

Venus in the natal chart represents the ability to be a partner, connect to resources, make choices, charm others, give a form/shape to everything, see and create beauty, and enjoy the material side of life. Whenever you deal with jewelry (choose, wear, collect, give, and so on) you enhance all these abilities that are beneficialContinue reading “Jewelry Astro marathon”

Balenciaga and Crocks

Net-a-Porter always keeps you informed about fashion news and trends. Among their new arrivals are Crocs Madame pumps in white and black. That’s an interesting mixture of Cancer (crocks) and Capricorn (heels) created as the result of Balenciaga and Crock’s collaboration. The black pumps due to total black feel like the 80-Capricorn/20-Moon option, while theContinue reading “Balenciaga and Crocks”