Reddit case: low energy, trouble securing a job.

The full question (author’s grammar). “Having trouble securing a job, making money, and very low on energy. After the saturn jupiter conjunction in aquarius 2020 i got into investing for long term and i noticed i started seeing more money come towards me. But im still having a trouble securing a job. I dont doContinue reading “Reddit case: low energy, trouble securing a job.”

Reddit case: I tend to forget to eat

The full question with author’s writing style: “i embodied every horrible thing about my chart for a whole year. i was bed ridden with depression at an all time high to the point where my health is now suffering the lack of nutrition during that time. what do i need in my life to preventContinue reading “Reddit case: I tend to forget to eat”

Reddit case: bad luck?

Full question: “Is there anything in my chart that indicates some bad luck? Because for about 3 years it has been bad luck and misfortune and very limited moment of pure happiness. It’s scary because I am not even 20 yet so imagine what will happen to me when I hit my 20s.” The natalContinue reading “Reddit case: bad luck?”

Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 3)

Time to look at Jason’s side of family compatibility with Chrishell. Would Jason feel comfortable raising kids and living together with his employee? Jason’s Moon is in Aquarius. I will use my Astro compatibility guide you can download for free to find out is there a connection between Jason’s sense of safety and security andContinue reading “Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 3)”

Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 2)

After looking at our celebrities’ energy safety and security profiles in general, let’s find out are they are compatible on the level of living under one roof, waking up together, and bringing up kids? Let’s start with Chrishell and how she would feel about Jason in daily life together. I’ll use my own Astro compatibilityContinue reading “Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 2)”

Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 1)

Selling Sunset stars broke because Chrishell wanted a baby and Jason didn’t. Is this the real reason? Let’s look at realtors’ natal chart and find out. The first thing I pay attention to is the safety and security energy profile (Moon). Do people have similar energies defining what feels safe? Especially when they are thinkingContinue reading “Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 1)”

April 29, 2022 – Moon forecast

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