Roe v. Wade overturning supporters

Here are natal charts of a few people who got on the news because they welcomed the Supreme Court decision that the constitutional right to abortion no longer exists: To understand what’s behind people’s choices regarding abortions, you need to look at Moon and Venus, two planets, related to women and giving birth. All ofContinue reading “Roe v. Wade overturning supporters”

78 countries!

I recently checked my blog statistics, and it turned out that people from 78 countries have read my blog in 2022. Wow! I can’t be thankful enough to be able to share my astrological approach with people of so many different languages and cultures. It’s incredible and proves that astrology is one of the mostContinue reading “78 countries!”

April 29, 2022 – Moon forecast

To understand yourself and the world around you better, try an experimental astrology search to find things that correlate to your security and safety energy profile on our main page: 

Moon vibes manifestation – 4/24/22

My Moon forecast for April 24, 22 has a line: “A day to think about the future and how to get to the better one: planning, strategizing, making steps, joining big companies or communities.” The chart for the day was the following: Official New York site reports: “Mayor Eric Adams today announced unprecedented investments inContinue reading “Moon vibes manifestation – 4/24/22”