Reddit case – always sad

Question: Why I’m always feeling sad? Astrological perspective: There is a lot of Pisces energy in the chart: – Moon (emotions) in Pisces with Neptune aspect (double Pisces);  – Sun (self-identity), Mars (activity), Mercury (mind), and Venus (ability to feel satisfied) are in the 12th House;  – Neptune in the 1st House (body). Pisces needContinue reading “Reddit case – always sad”

Help people feel better – spread astrology knoweledge

Forbes published the “next billion dollar” start-ups list for 2022 which raised $3,4 billion in equity. The list includes 25 startups and 66 founders with only 2 women names. No wonder none of the start-ups helps people to feel better. Support projects aimed to give people easy free tools to improve their outlook on lifeContinue reading “Help people feel better – spread astrology knoweledge”