Larry Elder’s chances in Gavin Newsom’s recall

Less than a month till Gavin Newsom’s recall Larry Elder’s name got an unexpected boost. Politico, among other media, reported “Alexandra Datig, the former fiancee and longtime radio producer for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, says she broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana”.
Unfortunately, the Elder’s time of birth is not known to the public. When I was thinking about what it might be, the number 7.30 popped up in my head. I used it to rectify Larry’s natal chart and came up with 7.23 am. So, whatever is written further is based on the assumption Larry Elder’s time of birth is 7.23 am. It may all be wrong. Nevertheless, let’s go and look at the natal chart.

I would say the strongest planets and motivations behind Larry’s behavior are Moon (comfort and adaptability); Mars (activity, entrepreneurship, fighter), Mercury (curiosity, communication), and Uranus (differ from others, shock people, feel trends and future).
Larry’s leading element is fire, so for him is natural to be an achiever, leader, take action without proper thinking/planning. The enormous amount of communication he has in life is due to Mercury in the 11th House with the square from Uranus.
There is a strong Venus-Neptune opposition, which can give an actor talent or lies/secrets/weirdness about money and/or relationships with women. A person with such aspect can measure the strength of love by sacrifices their partners can give (supposedly Larry pushed his girlfriend to make a tattoo “Larry’s Girl”. And when she did, Elder displayed a large nude portrait of her with the tattoo in their home for visitors to see).
Interestingly, Jupiter in this natal chart is not part of personality. It means values, the idea of dignity, ethics are not part of the person’s outlook, they may be learned, but hardly become internalized.
Enough of phycology, let’s look at possible events in Elder’s life. Does he have the potential of becoming an elected official? We can see the Uranus-Mars trine (formulas 7/10, 7/9); Pluto-Neptune sextile (formula 7/9); Venus-Neptune opposition (formula 7/9); Mars-10th House cusp square (formula 7/10). Not a lot of strong indicators, but I would say Larry Elder has an opportunity to become an official at some point in his life. Is this point now?
Let’s look at the Elder’s Directions for September 14th, 2021, the recall date.

The good news for Elder is he has two formulas 7/10 (the public gives power) which are not the strongest ones, but to have double makes chances to win bigger. He also has Sun giving aspects to the 9th House (I’am an informal leader) and the 7th House (love or hate from the public).
The bad news is the double 8/10 formula, which may bring problems with the status.
Solar returns indicators:

Asc in the 8th House (crisis, problems affecting person in the whole); MC in the 6th House (possible change of routine – can be good, can be bad); 5 out of 10 solar planets are in the 4th and 10th Houses (axis 4-10, good for career and politics); formulas 10/10 (career success) and 8/10 (crisis in career); Saturn and Pluto in the 1st house (crises and problems).


Saturn-Sun square (could mean literally “I am power” or some problems/restrictions due to past actions) and Jupiter-2nd House trine (Jupiter makes aspect from 10th House, so it could mean “changes in money due to career/status”, but Jupiter is also the rules of the 8th House, so this aspect can mean some problems/crises related to money).
With all these mixed indicators it’s difficult to make a conclusion, not knowing Larry Elder and not following his life and what emotional and energy state he is in now. So I made a tarot spread to understand what’s going on for Elder now:

It doesn’t look good. Mind is occupied by fears and endless negative thoughts, actions are made out of illusions or even are just lies, the core is based on some kind of infantile, irresponsible attitude. It seems like Larry is going through some stage of zeroing out.

That spread makes me think events will be most likely bring some disappointment for Larry, not a victory. We’ll see pretty soon.

When Mitt Romney had better chances against Barack Obama?

On November 6th, 2012 Mitt Romney to his surprise lost the Presidential election to Barack Obama. If Utah Senator had a reliable astrologer on his team, he wouldn’t be that surprised about the election results. The reason why is the Directions for the election day.

Barack’s indications weren’t of the strongest nature but had had quite a few of them: 7/7 formed by Sun-7th House trine (public success, I=public, the public wants what I want); 7/9 (the public’s love gives the status of informal leader); 9/10 (informal leadership brings power); 7/10 (the public gives power).
Mitt’s indicators were modest in comparison with the President’s: 7/9 (the public’s love gives the status of informal leader); Sun-9th House conjunction (success as informal leader); 9/10 (informal leadership brings power). The 1st and 3rd indications are composed of the same aspect – Venus-9th House Square; the strongest aspect (Sun-9th House conjunction) features informal leadership, not the formal top position.
Four years earlier Romney withdrew from the Presidential run and endorsed John McCain. Did McCain have more chances to win the Presidency from the astrology point of view?

Let’s look at the Directions for the 2008 election day.

John’s indicators: two formulas 7/11 (public love gives promotion as a party leader – doesn’t really help with the election itself); 7/7 (public success, I=public, the public wants what I want); 7/10 (the public gives power). No conjunctions; one of the formulas is composed of a square, which can play out both in a negative and positive way depending on the candidate’s energy level. I would say that problems with the campaign financing “vote for” not great energy level.
Barack’s indicators: same as McCain’s 7/7 formula, but composed by Venus-7th House conjunction, the strongest aspect; 7/10 (the public gives power).
Mitt’s indicators included 7/7/ formula as well (not the strongest one). Plus he had 10/10 (career success), and two 7/10 formulas (the public gives power), one of which was composed by Saturn-7th House opposition. This aspect is similar to a square, which can play out both in a negative and positive way depending on the candidate’s energy level. The sources say he had fundraised more than 62 million dollars. Wikipedia states “Romney’s liabilities included having run for senator and serving as governor in one of the nation’s most liberal states and having taken positions in opposition to the party’s conservative base during that time”. These two factors speak for Romney’s good level of energy during the campaign.
I think there are chances that if Mitt wouldn’t end his run before the actual Republican nomination happened, he would win the Presidency. But he decided not to go that far.

Not stolen elections

And to be done with Donald Trump’s political career, let’s see why did he lose the 2020 elections. Directions will tell us everything we need to know.

What did 45th President have for that year?

A couple of the 8/9 formulas indicate a threat to informal leadership and potential transformation or crisis in this sphere. One 10/11 formula that can free from the power and official status. That’s it. Nothing about the public, it’s love or strengthening of the top position.

And what about Biden’s Directions?

We see the 7/10 & 10/10 formulas (the publics give power; success in career) created by Saturn-10th House opposition. Plus the 7/9 formula (informal leadership by the public’s love) and 9/9 (success as informal leader).

Directions are quite clear: no stolen elections, Joe Biden became the 46th President by people’s choice. That’s it.

Does Trump have chances in 2024 or 2028?

We looked at Trump’s natal chart already, so no repeat. Let’s look at Directions for the 2024 elections. Are there any indicators that show political success for the 45th President of the U.S.?

He probably will keep this informal status as a leader and icon for many people due to the 7/9 formula. But this formula is made up of sextile which is weaker than conjunction or square, or opposition. One major aspect (formula) is not enough to win a very competitive battle.

And what about 2028?

No luck from stars either. Nothing indicates possible victorious elections. The good news is 5th House is pretty active. Mr. Trump may open a new business. But no more successful Presidential run.

Does Mike Pence have chances in 2024?

POLITICO reports Mike Pence convenes GOP donors for a possible 2024 Presidential run. Let’s see if Mike’s campaign is worth contributions from an astrology point of view.

Someone rectified Mike Pence’s time of birth as 9.50 am. I think the more accurate time is 9.49 am. So I will analyze everything assuming this time is correct.

Pence’s natal chart has indications of a successful political career.

Sun and Moon are in the 11th House, he feels comfortable in politics and it drives energy for Mike. The more he does politics, the better he feels. Mercury is strong in Pence’s chart and it rules both 1st and 10th Houses. Which means his own activity can bring him on top.
Is there any help from the Universe for Mike’s political career? Are lines of events in his life aligned to make his ambitions real? First, the conjunction between strong Mercury and Uranus forms formulas 10/10 (luck with career success) and 1/10 (whatever you do brings you to the top). Second, there are multiple 7-10 connections (love of the public push you to the top): Venus-Saturn trine, Jupiter-Uranus square, Neptune-Saturn trine. Third, he’s got the 7/9 formula (the public trusts you as informal leader): Venus-Jupiter square, Mars-Jupiter Square. So, there are a bunch of indicators proving Mike Pence’s political career has the Universe’s support.

Does he actually have a chance of winning in 2024?

Let’s first look at Directions for his successful bids in 2000 (first-time member of Congress), 2012 (Governor), 2016 (Vice President).

All directions have at least one conjunction in the related Houses.

Now let’s looks at the directions for elections Mike Pence lost (1988 and 2020).

There are no conjunctions or other significant indicators for the 1988 elections. For 2020 there are a couple of things to look at. There is a 7/10 formula, but it’s formed by square, not conjunction. And conjunction gave the energy to a 7/9 formula, which is more about informal status than real power.

And what kind of direction await Mike Pence in 2024?

Pretty similar to those in 1988 regarding the absence of significant indications of political success. So I would say – no, Mike Pence doesn’t have a chance to become a U.S. President in 2024.

What Donald Trump had Hillary Clinton didn’t?

Talk about narrow election victories can’t go without two last Presidential elections. Let’s start with 2016 and natal charts.

To be elected for one of the world’s top positions a person needs to have not only an ambitious personality but also a potential for victory. In astrology this potential we analyze by looking at connections between Houses.
As soon as Hillary was elected as New York Senator, she should have at least several such connections. For example, she has Venus-Mercury conjunction which is a strong connection between public and power (formula 7/10). Another connection of this kind is Venus-Saturn square, but it much weaker. She also got a few weaker connections between informal leadership and power – Mercury-Moon trine (formula 9/10). Mercury is a strong planet in Clinton’s chart, which is a good thing for her in terms of getting power, but her 10th House is not strong. That means there is no real help from the Universe or luck in her political pursuit. Whatever she gets is a result of hard work.
Donald has Venus-Saturn conjunction and Uranus in 10th House. This makes two strong connections between public and power (formula 7/10) as opposed to Hillary’s single one. These connections are supported by one weaker connection, Mars-Sun sextile (formula 9/10). I would say that only Mars is a strong planet out of all mentioned, but Uranus is a big part of Trump’s personality. And 10th house is pretty strong in his natal chart. So just being a shocking and unusual politician already gives Donald some luck and help from the Universe in achieving top positions.

And what about Directions for November 8th, 2016, the day the former NYS Senator got 2.868.686 votes more but still lost?

Hillary Clinton had one connection (formula) of the strongest kind: Venus-10th House conjunction, formula 7/10 – public gives power (do you remember Venus-Saturn square in her natal chart?).
Hillary also got two 9/10 formulas (informal leadership brings formal power) with Mercury-9th House opposition and Saturn-9th House square. And the last formula worth mentioning is 7/9 (public gives the status of informal leader) through Sun-7th House square.

Donald Trump’s directional Uranus arrived at Ascendant. This is the keystone aspect (formula) to his victory. A conjunction is the strongest connection that gives a lot of energy for events to happen. And Uranus-1st House conjunction for Trump created two strongest formulas 7/10 (public gives power), where Uranus plays both for public and for power. And these formulas landed on Donald himself (1st House). Basically, the power simply fell into his hands.
Uranus-1st House conjunction in Trump’s chart creates formula 7/7 – public’s love and being popular among the public.
He also got the 9/10 formula (informal leadership brings formal power) formula and the 9/9 formula (informal leadership happens with no extraordinary effort).

So Donald Trump’s natal chart had more potential for the biggest political dream to come true than Hillary Clinton’s. And November 2016 was the perfect time for it to play out from an astrology point of view.

Why Kennedy won 1960 elections

After looking at Nixon’s fall I got curious about why he didn’t win the first Presidential elections he participated in. In the national popular vote, Kennedy beat Nixon by less than two-tenths of one percentage point (0.17%), the closest popular vote margin of the 20th century. So what were the astrology factors that defined that tight victory?

It’s always good to start with the natal chart itself.

i) Interestingly, we’ll discover some similarities between Kennedy’s and Nixon’s natal charts:
A. Mars-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction: the tendency to act when just some analytics or communication is necessary and vice versa; acting or talking about big, meaningful stuff. Both conjunctions get additional energy from hard aspects: Kennedy’s is supported by square from Uranus in the 4th House; Nixon’s is supported by Pluto in the 10th House (both 4th and 10th Houses are about the country you live in).
B. Moon in Aquarius for Kennedy is very similar to Nixon’s Moon in the 11th House: being comfortable with belonging to big groups of people, thinking about the future and progress, inclusion.

ii) There are differences in the natal charts as well, of course.
A) Nixon is surprisingly better suited for being a formal leader of the country from my astrology point of view. His Sun is in the 4th House (deep connection with the country) in Capricorn with the trine from Saturn (systemic approach, understanding hierarchy, great management skills). Kennedy’s Saturn is not part of his personality, his Sun is in the 11th House in conjunction with Venus. This is more about a partnership, energy via crisis, transformation, and investment.

2. Transits for the election day – November 8th, 1960.

Kennedy: Pluto squares Sun, composing formula 7/10 (public gives power), activating natal square Sun-Moon (father pushing Kennedy to become a President).

Nixon: Jupiter has the trine with Venus, composing formula 7/7 (love of public), activating Pluto-Mars/Mercury/Jupiter opposition in the natal chart (actions and moral values fight with the desire to be on top).

3. Solar returns for the election day – November 8th, 1960.

Kennedy: Asc in the 5th House (axis 5-11) – the importance of some kind of global events; MC in 3rd House (axis 3-9) – the potential of the informal leadership turning to formal leadership; Saturn in 9th House – the potential of the informal leadership turning to formal leadership; Jupiter, Sun and Venus in Houses of 3-9 axis (personal leadership).

Nixon: Asc and MC are in the same positions as Kennedy’s; Venus in the 10th House (public love can potentially bring to the top); Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in the 12th House (not many chances for any public success).

4. Directions for the election day – November 8th, 1960, which I believe are the decisive indicators in any prognosis.

Kennedy: two 10/10 formulas made up by Sun (strong planet and ruler of the 10th House), one of which is the conjunction (the strongest aspect you can get); two formulas 7/10, one of which is made up again by the Sun (public gives power); one formula 9/10 made up by Neptune’s conjunction with 9th House (informal leadership becomes formal).

Nixon: no single formula 10/10; two formulas 7/10; one formula 9/10; no conjunctions. Not impressive at all.

Let’s compare these indicators with indicators for the elections Nixon won.

1968: 7/7 formula (public love) created by conjunction; 7/10 formula; 10/11 formula (formal position through politics) created by conjunction.
1972: multiple formulas 10/11 (one conjunction); Sun arrived at the cusp of the 7th House (“I” equals “publics”, whatever I want, the public wants); one formula 9/11.

As we can see for the victorious elections Nixon had conjunctions in the related houses which wasn’t the case in the 1960’s election. I would also pay attention to the lack of 10/10 or 7/10 formulas for Nixon’s victory in 1972. I think this shows the weakness of the victory and is part of why Nixon resign during the second term.

Richard Nixon – (un)expected crash

Andrew Cuomo’s resignation reminded many people of Nixon’s fall. After being in politics forever 37th President of the U.S. found himself isolated 47 years ago after he resigned. So let’s look into Nixon’s natal chart and learn from his collapse.

Neptune in the 11th House can lead to global misinformation and secrets held from the public, especially in politics. At home Richard, probably, was pretty honest and sincere (Sun in 4th House in Capricorn and trine from Saturn). But he could believe that politics can’t be done without secrets.

So what do we see for August 9th, 1974, the day Richard Nixon finally resigned?

A. Directions:

  1. Multiple minor aspects creating formula 8/10 (career crisis).
  2. Sun-90-10th House – setting free from career and work.
  3. Sun-180-9th House – illusions and confusion in a role of a leader
  4. Neptune-90-6th House – freedom from routine

B. Solar return:

  1. Asc in 11th House – unexpected freedom
  2. Uranus in the 4th House (axis 4-10) – unexpected changes in career
  3. Mars in 10th House – crisis in career
  4. Saturn in 12th House – career is going through a confusion; become isolated because of the job/career

C. Transits:

Uranus-120-6th House – freedom from routine.

I love how Uranus works as a freeing tool for people who do the wrong things!

The whole 9 astrology yards about Andrew Cuomo’s resignation

Some astrologers define Andrew Cuomo’s time of birth as 8.25 or 8.36 am. I would say 8.08 am fits major events of the New York Governor’s life better. With this assumption, I looked at his natal chart.

A. Psychology.

For more clarity on this subject, I also build Andrew’s parents’ natal charts.

As we can see, both Mario and Matilda had Moon in a light aspect with Pluto. And Andrew got a hard aspect between these two planets. It seems his mom and dad didn’t use Pluto energy enough or at all or in a productive way. This theory is supported by Pluto’s 8th House placement in the soon-to-be-ex-Governor’s natal chart. That House shows what energies in the family should be re-thought and used in a new, constructive way. And in Andrew’s case, it’s Pluto. At its highest actualization, Pluto is about saving or transforming lives, soft pushing other’s to their better future. As for the sexual sphere, a productive way to use Pluto is to learn how to seduce partners to their pleasure. The low level of Pluto’s actualization is what Andrew Cuomo performed: using power to make women sexually interested in him.
Another nuance about Pluto in the natal chart is it rules North Lunar Nodes. That means the energy of Pluto is not yet known to Andrew. And one of the purposes of his life is to get experience with this energy.
Why I am talking about Pluto? Because it rules Mars, the planet that describes sexuality. So Andrew’s sexual behavior is influenced by Pluto which he doesn’t know how to deal with. Mars also is situated in the 11th House which multiplies occasions of sexual actions.
If we look at Andrew Cuomo’s natal chart’s on the whole, we’ll notice that the leading elements are fire and air. He knows how to be active and achieve goals, how to communicate and sell anything to anybody. But there is a lack of water, which means not a lot of empathy. It makes it difficult to understand and interpret people’s reactions and behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuomo thought women are giving him green light. It’s not an excuse, just an explanation.
Additionally, I will mention the square between Jupiter and Venus which may produce hunger for a big number of women in the Governor’s life. This aspect may be the cause of an unconscious idea “The more lovers I have in my life the cooler I am”.
Also, this square shows the relationship between Andrew and Mario. According to Matt Bai, it never had been loving and warm. Mario (Jupiter in 10th House) never was proud of his son (Venus in the 1st House). Desire to achieve much more than his father and get out of his shadow didn’t help Andrew to become a better politician. But it definitely helped the still-Governor to distinguish himself from Mario Cuomo’s legacy.

B. Events.

Let’s look at astrological prognosis methods to find out if there are indications of problems with status and career for our subject.
a) In the Directions:

  1. Sun-120-10th House (formula 8/10), where Sun is Andrew’s ego and 8th House (crisis, threat). So it’s literally Andrew Cuomo creates problems for his status himself.
  2. Mars-0-9th House – threat to an informal leadership (formula 8/9).
  3. Uranus-0-6th House – unexpected and sudden change of routine (formula 6/11).
  4. Venus-60-8th House – loss of public’s sympathy or crisis brought by public and related to women (formula 7/8)

b) In the Solar return:

  1. Asc in the 5-11 Houses axis – sudden freedom.
  2. MC is in the 2-8 Houses axis – threat to career.
  3. Jupiter and Pluto in the 9th House – leadership is in crisis

c) In transits:

  1. Pluto (crisis, punishment) activates the natal’s Jupiter-Venus square (desire for many women and struggle with luck of dad’s acceptance) from the 1st House (the Governor’s own actions).
  2. Uranus-180-11th House – freedom from political career (formula 10/11).

Very interesting case!

Gavin Newsom’s recall

Gavin Newsom may lose recall:

  1. Indicators for 2018 election were weak:

2. Directions: major aspects creating formulas 8/9; 8/10 (threat to formal and informal leadership). 10/10 and 9/10 aspects indicting keeping leadership position are created by hard aspects. So it can play out both as good and bad depending on Gavin Newsom’s emotional shape and conditions.

3. Solar return: Asc in 11 House, MC is in 8 House, Uranus in 10 House, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in 6 House.

4. Transits: Uranus-0-9 House, Neptune-90-Mars