Reddit case – I always see people’s weaknesses

Question: why do I so easily see people’s weaknesses?? It happens quickly too – normally after minutes of conversation, and sometimes just by observing them in a social situation… I just know their weak points automatically, it’s kind of not fun.

Astrology perspective:

There is no single placement that can explain behavioral patterns in my opinion. Here are some thoughts about what can “cause” the pursuit of people’s weaknesses.

  • Emotional state and feeling safe (Moon) depend on others (Moon-Venus conjunction), that’s why you pay attention to people’s behavior in general.
  • It also has Pisces influence via aspect with Neptune, so you can “read” people to anticipate what to expect so you can be prepared. This skill most likely was polished by you in previous lives (Neptune-South Node conjunction. And if you haven’t rectified the chart, the South Node may move into the 7th House – interactions with people, after finding out the right time.)
  • Scorpio touch via Pluto-Moon conjunction help to analyze people’s behavior, especially with the focus on weaknesses, because one of the Scorpio traits is manipulation. – Sun (self-identity) in Capricorn with Saturn aspect “likes” to have control over everything. Knowing people’s behavior helps a lot with controlling.
  • There are a lot of placements in Sagittarius, including Lilith. That may manifest through the constant judgment and condemnation of others (and yourself). You think what you see is people’s weakness, but it easily can be an advantage or skill at the same time.

Why has your soul chosen to have this “set up”? Probably to help with a life mission – experiencing Leo, and finding yourself based on your knowledge of others.

Reddit case – always sad

Question: Why I’m always feeling sad?

Astrological perspective:

There is a lot of Pisces energy in the chart:

– Moon (emotions) in Pisces with Neptune aspect (double Pisces); 

– Sun (self-identity), Mars (activity), Mercury (mind), and Venus (ability to feel satisfied) are in the 12th House; 

– Neptune in the 1st House (body).

Pisces need to manifest somehow. And if a person doesn’t have anything else related to Pisces in their life (swimming, being a spiritual person, getting out to see nature, and so on), Pisces may show up as endless sadness. 

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In common: John Fetterman and Madonna

Who would think that one of the world’s most famous pop stars and a tattooed U.S. Senate candidate in jeans and hoody have so much in common?

Both Madonna and John Fetterman have Virgo Moon-Mercury-Pluto conjunction with Sagittarius/Taurus Saturn and Taurus/Sagittarius Mars aspects:

  • not that emotional;
  • hard-working;
  • eager to control crowds;
  • able to plan activity and hold onto planned;
  • leadership talents.

Do you see something else?

Natal chart manifestation: emotional and chaotic life


Is there a reason why my whole life is chaotic and emotional?

Astrological perspective.

Lot’s of Pisces (Moon in Pisces, Sun-Neptune conjunction), Aquarius (Moon-Uranus conjunction, Sun in Aquarius) and Scorpio (Moon and Venus in the 8th House, South Node is in Scorpio) energies.

Basically it’s a lot of chaotic (Aquarius) dramatical (Scorpio) emotions (Pisces). Note that the author of the question is 18 years old.

Natal chart manifestation: all my guys have “mommy issues”

Question: Is there anything in my chart that shows why I always end up with guys with mommy issues? Mom killing herself, mom leaving, abusive mom, etc.

Astrology perspective:

Abusive/killing mom: a lot of Scorpio energy influencing emotions Moon-Pluto opposition+South Node-Pluto conjunction+7th House in Scorpio;

Leaving mom: Moon-11th House Uranus aspect – Aquarius energy manifesting via running away

Weird experience over all: Moon-12th House Lilith square – Pisces energy with its illusions and mysteries;

Multiple guys: Gemini Moon-11th House Uranus aspect – a lot of air and need for new emotions.

Natal chart manifestation: I didn’t hesitate to catch my partner cheating

The story “Found out last weekend that my partner has been cheating on me. I felt a bit off for about a month now and when an opportunity presented itself to me to catch him lying I didn’t hesitate. Feeling shitty and seeking some assurance that things will be okay. I really thought he was the one.”

Astrology perspective.

Pisces influencing Moon is often manifest by a choice of a partner that has the potential to cheat because people don’t have any other ways for Pisces to fit into their lives. The risk of getting a not truthful partner is especially high for those with Moon in the 7th House because a relationship is a way the world reflects a person’s identity.

What’s interesting though, people with just Pisces vibes tend to ignore all signs and even tons of evidence of cheating because they don’t want to let go of Pisces sensations. 

But if Moon is influenced both by Pisces and Scorpio, a person will do their best to find out the truth and suffer from it a lot. The reason is Scorpio may manifest through research and pain.

Read once again the story and you’ll get a great description of how Pisces and Scorpio energies work together.

Natal chart manifestation: manipulation

Natal chart owner asks: Why is that I always manipulate (not in a toxic way) people into doing something for me WITHOUT actually asking for it or wanting it?

Astrology perspective.

Manipulation often relates to Scorpio skills: Moon-Sun conjunction in the 8th House, Scorpio as rising sign and Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in the 1st House (body). Additionally to be a successful manipulator one has to have empathy – Moon-Sun conjunction is in Cancer.

Reddit case: Why don’t I have personal interests or much sense of self?

Astrology perspective.

Sacrificing your own interests and desires (or difficulty with understanding them) is often Pisces or/and Aquarius’s manifestation.

Your South Node (previous life experience) in Virgo and the 12th House (Pisces) – could be as sorting out things (Virgo) for others to serve some spiritual purpose (Pisces).

Sun-Uranus aspect adds an Aquarius vibe to your self-identity, which can play out as giving everyone freedom to live as they want (one of the ways to do it – is to give up your own opinions/ideas on what’s good/bad).

Moon is right on the cusp of the 11th House – Aquarius world outlook is how you see the world and who you are deep inside.

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Natal chart manifestation – grandiosity

Question: Why do people either hate me or obsess over me? 

A beautiful illustration of the conjunction of the Cancer (emotions) Moon and Jupiter (= Sagittarius – extension) in the 1st House (I): no one can remain cold, everyone cares about me in one way or another.