Zodiac of styling: Tiffany & Peter Marino

If you try to guess the profession of a person from the cover photo, the architect will probably be one of your last guesses. However, this is the first photo you see on Peter Marino’s official website. And he is Tiffany’s flagship store architect, which recently reopened in New York after years of renovation.

Let’s look at Peter’s official photo on Tiffany’s website next to the space he created for the legendary brand:

The vibe you get from the designer and his creation feels very different.

Most astrologers would attribute everything related to style to Venus.

Peter Marino’s birth chart

Peter has Virgo Venus with an aspect from Jupiter (Sagittarius ruler) which is perfectly aligned with Tiffany’s brand: attention to detail (Virgo) to create luxury (Sagittarius) experience.

On the other hand, Marino’s personal style has zero Virgo vibe. It’s very masculine, loud, provoking, shocking, and fun. Look at his official website contact page:

Most of the above-mentioned qualities can be attributed to Peter’s Moon (emotional self) and Sun (rational self). The excess of masculinity I would credit to Lilith (no limits) and the North Node (a new quality to explore) in Aries.

Peter’s path to the profession was straightforward: he earned a degree from the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, started to work as an architect in 1978, and has never stopped since. That seems related to South Node (past life experiences) in Libra – art, design, with aspect with Neptune (Pisces ruler) – creativity, imagination. People with strong Libra influence often collect art and Peter is an avid collector of French porcelain, contemporary paintings, modern art, and French and Italian bronzes.

It’s amazing how an Aquarius perception of the world (Aquarius Moon with Uranus aspect) can inspire people to create amazing delicate designs and stay so brutal in their personal style.

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