Astrology of homemaking by celebrities: Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s time of birth is not known to the public, so I didn’t use my website to define zodiac signs that influence the designer’s Moon. I calculated her birth chart with a different tool:

Kate Spade’s Moon is in Sagittarius and has aspects (connections) with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, and Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio.

There aren’t many photos of Kate Spade’s home, so my findings are mostly based on her short video tour of the New York apartment for People magazine:

Sagittarius manifestations in a celebrity home are usually easy to find – it’s lavish, in an upscale neighborhood, and looks a bit like a museum because of the number of artworks. Let’s look for Aquarius and Scorpio vibes.

In the video, Kate says she bought the apartment because of the big foyer. She liked it had a space to breeze when you come in. Interestingly, she decided to cover all walls with artwork so you barely can see the walls. That created a distinct Aquarius vibe when your attention is divided between many objects at the same time.

According to Kate Spade’s older sister, the designer suffered from bipolar disorder. It is characterized by alternating phases of mania and depression. Some of the mania symptoms are racing thoughts, distractibility, an exaggerated sense of self-confidence, increased activity, and being abnormally upbeat.

It seems like Kate Spade’s foyer can serve as an illustration of her mania period:

Many thoughts spin in her head just like all the paintings on the wall, she feels a lot of energy and believes she can manage so many things at the same time. People whose Moon (emotional. unconscious self) doesn’t have a connection to Gemini or Aquarius wouldn’t find Kate Spade’s foyer intimidating, let alone a space to breeze. The same applies to three tables in Spade’s living room covered with photos, ashtrays, and books.

Depressive episode symptoms include among others feeling sad, hopeless, feelings of worthlessness, and thinking about, planning, or attempting suicide. That sounds like one of Scorpio’s manifestations.

Scorpio manifests itself through shades of black and brown. One of its shapes is round, imagine a black hole or look at Kate’s living room centerpiece:

Dark-toned snowman on the right of the painting seems like a combination of Aquarius (dark color for a snowman?!) and Scorpio.

During the tour, Kate says her living room is not an uptight stuffed one that people don’t use, although it’s definitely stuffed. And I believe she used it a lot because, around all these things put close together, she felt safe. They gave her this intense squeezing Scorpio feel that goes well with depression.

Another interesting feature of Kate’s apartment is the red color:

These are, of course, traces of the influence of Aries. And the designer’s Moon on the birth chart has no connection with Aries. So, why did Kate Spade have such a prominent Aries presence at home?

One of the reasons could be her Moon is in the 1st House which will give the connection to Aries vibes. And another possible reason is red elements in her apartment are the manifestation of the Venus-Mars aspect (connection). She was a designer (Venus) and what she chose (Venus) to style (Venus) her home is related to Aries (Mars is Aries ruler).

Find out if your Moon is under the influence of Aquarius, Scorpio, or Aries and how you can create a safe home environment that makes you feel good by filling out the form on the home page of the site.

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