Zodiac word sharing – care

Did you know two zodiac signs can share one word as their vibe description? Although each sign has distinctive manifestations, in some respects it may be similar to other signs.

When I saw the chairs in the photo I was amazed at how Bernhardt Furniture Company designers managed to put together Cancer and Capricorn. On the zodiac wheel, these signs are opposite each other:

Capricorn and Cancer in Kim Kardashian’s birth chart

Many people think that opposite zodiac signs have nothing in common, but if you study astrology long enough, you will realize that this is not true. For example, Cancer and Capricorn share the word “care” and its vibes.

Cancer is more about “mommy care”: the desire to make sure a child is fed, has a comfy place to sleep, and stays content. That’s why in Bernhardt Exteriors Calypso teak swivel chairs Cancer is represented by the nature of the product itself – the chair is supposed to be comfortable and good for rest; the whitish color of cushion and pillow; a round shape of wooden detail, and pillows.

Capricorn is more related to “dad’s care”: making sure a child has everything they need to succeed in life: personal skills, discipline, and so on. In chairs, Capricorn is represented by wood which is rigid and restrained feeling from the way how wooden part cuts into the seat and surrounds the pillow.

Together, Cancer and Capricorn give the feeling of a cozy armchair that keeps you in line. Excellent work!


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