Astrology of homemaking by celebrities: Ivana Trump

Most of the celebrities’ homes have prominent Sagittarius vibes: they look big, luxurious, elitist, expensive, and prestigious. But different people have different ideas about what luxury is. That’s why it’s great to explore celebrities’ homes to learn how to recognize Sagittarius and other zodiac signs in interior design.

Let’s start with Ivana Trump. She was the person who not only decided on the overall home style but choose most if not all details of the interior. Looking at her home we can see how her unconscious self and perception of the world (the Moon in her birth chart) have been transformed into the environment she created for herself at home.

If Ivana Trump were to use the Winslow Astro website to find out her home zodiac signs, she would get the following birth chart and list of zodiac signs that are influencing her Moon (what home feels like):

Here is an interesting example of Sagittarius vibe implementation:

Pink usually is not associated with a Sagittarius vibe, it’s more related to the feminine side of Taurus or the romantic side of Pisces. But Ivana used all-over pink with gold details and added columns as architectural details (in the bathroom!) and candelabra lights. Altogether it gives a museum-like luxury overdone look which definitely resonates with Sagittarius energy.

This one is a more typical Sagittarius interior, inspired by the lifestyle of European royalty that ordinary people would see in a museum only:

She was an entertainer and party-ready interior details and colors like gold, bright yellow, and shiny were the perfect complement to create a Leo vibe:

Interestingly, in the last photo, in addition to the obvious Leo (color and texture) and Sagittarius (again a “museum” look), we feel the vibrations of Aries due to the fruit phallic composition in the middle of the room.

Ivana Trump had a lot of Aries vibes in the house. And not only thanks to the phallic composition we saw and the choice of red for the floor in many rooms:

Fireplaces and paintings with wild, dangerous animals also create Aries vibes:

But what about Virgo? How is Virgo present in Ivana Trump’s home? It’s in attention to detail and Ivana’s little dog:

Guess the name of the dog. It’s Tiger, another way to surround yourself with Aries vibes.

And what zodiac signs do you have at home?

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