Follow the zodiac example: Elon Musk

Elon Musk is known for sleeping in his workplaces: on the couch at Twitter’s library, under his desk at Tesla, and so on. Is this habit random, caused by some extreme circumstances? Not at all. Look at the Moon in his birth chart.

Elon Musk’s birth (natal) chart

It shows where Elon feels safe, the spaces he can relax and get a good sleep.

Musk’s Moon is connected to Virgo (routine, colleagues, tools) and Capricorn (work, career) zodiac signs among others. That’s why he is comfortable sleeping where he works, especially if he thinks it helps his image (Moon – Leo connection via Moon-Sun aspect) as an eccentric person (Sun-Uranus aspect).

The media reported that Musk even converted several rooms inside the Twitter office into small sleeping quarters for employees after he took over the company. Did it help the performance of these employees? Should you follow the billionaire example and sleep in your working space?

It depends on what feels safe for you.

If your Moon is connected to Virgo or Capricorn, you may have a decent sleep at work. We all know professions that have to sleep at work, for example, healthcare workers. And there is no accident because medicine is related to Virgo.

If your Moon is connected to Scorpio, you may get an energy boost from a little sleep misery in an uncomfortable environment.

If your Moon is connected to Leo, you should try to sleep at your desk only if you’re going to brag about it, otherwise, it won’t do you any good.

Have you ever slept at work?!

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