In common: Rihanna, Elizabeth Holmes and Lina Khan

What do a famous singer, a disgraced startup founder, and an FTC commissioner have in common other than a meteoric rise in their careers at a young age? Let’s look at their natal charts and find out!

  • Young age extraordinary achievements are usually related to past lives experiences, something people know without learning or do well from the very beginning.

Rihanna’s South Node ruler Mercury is in Aquarius and 11th House – double Aquarius. Elizabeth’s South Node has conjunction with Uranus, ruled by Aquarius. Lina’s South Node ruler Mercury is in Aquarius just like Rihanna’s because they were born only a year apart. So, their past lives experiences are related to Aquarius vibes – the connection to the collective mind. We all use our minds to know people and learn about them. Even media mentions are processed with the help of the mind. That’s why Aquarius can allow being known by many people or noticeable among others.

  • The next thing to look at is the vibes of the person’s unconscious and emotional perception of the world. In astrology, we use Moon placements to find out these vibes.

All three Moons have a strong connection to Pisces. Its vibrations are related to creating illusions (performance/media presence for Rihanna and believable lies for Holmes) or an intuitive understanding of markets, the ability to support the mental processing of data with insights based on instinct (for Khan).

  • And one more thing to look at is a person’s conscious self, what they like and show to the world. Does fame or being distinguished by many people match the personalities of Rihanna, Elizabeth, and Lina? Let’s look at their Sun to figure it out.

All three Suns have a connection to Aquarius which matches previous lives experiences and definitely supports the acceptance of fame as part of the personality.

All of them share the connection to the Capricorn vibe as well which gives them the ability to build systems (companies) or be a successful part of a system (including government)

Additionally, Rihanna and Holmes share Aries’s vibes (activity, leadership, competition). Probably that’s why we learned about them much earlier than about Khan.

It’s fascinating to discover so obvious similarities in the energy of people who seem so different from each other. Thank you, astrology!

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