Your strength – Capricorn and Scorpio

People often complain about the behavioral pattern or things that happen to them regularly. People want to get rid of them which is natural. The problem is everything we do and what happens to us is a part of us.

Wanting to get rid of it is like asking for an arm amputation when it itches. You have an uncomfortable itch, you don’t want to find out why your arm itches, you just ask to remove the entire arm to get rid of the itch.

Does this sound like a good solution? Not for me. If you don’t get rid of the reason behind the itch, it will come back to a different part of the body. And you’ll be where you were but without the arm.

Recognition astrology helps to understand the psychological causes of behavioral patterns and events. It allows you to turn what you see as a weakness into your strength.

And as soon as the psychological need is satisfied by a productive behavior or attitude, unwanted behavior, and events will have no reason to bother you anymore.

I will continue to give you real examples of what people are unhappy about and how they can use it productively instead of trying to get rid of it.

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