No luck in love

Here’s a question that often comes up on Valentine’s Day: why am I so unlucky in love? The answer is simple. Misfortune in love comes from a stronger need for something else that is not satisfied.

Finding a partner is not as difficult as becoming a professional ballerina at 50, weighing 200 pounds, and having no dancing experience at all. There are billions of different people, and everyone can find someone if they really need it. And the need is not just in your head. It’s in your body as well. If you don’t give your body the sensations it needs, it will pull you toward satisfaction at all costs.

For example, the last person that asked the question about the absence of luck in love needs Aquarius and Gemini. These are two Air signs that have nothing to do with romantic commitment but crave constant novelty which can be satisfied by constantly changing potential partners. That’s the reason for bad luck in love. If the person finds a way to bring a lot of fresh air into their life, love will be much easier to find. And recognition astrology can help with that.

Interestingly, if this person needed sensations associated only with Aquarius and Gemini, the person would not be unhappy due to the absence of a loved one. There is also the need for Libra (partnership) and Pisces (romance or being alone for spiritual purposes) vibrations. That need is recognized by the mind, and that’s why the person is troubled by not having love.

My advice for Valentine’s Day glooms and any other problems you have when you don’t have what you want. If something is missing in your life that you want, that’s a problem. But most likely not with what you think. Try to figure out what sensations your body needs more than what your mind wants. If you don’t know how to do it, enroll in my free micro-course: in 20 minutes you’ll know much more about yourself and the world around you.

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