Puss in Boots: The Last Wish – characters’ astrological review

Cartoon characters are usually much less complicated than people which makes them suitable for zodiac sign labeling. Three major of the latest Puss in Boots characters have fairly obvious zodiac manifestations:

  • Male cat – Puss in Boots: Leo (endless parties and entertaining) and Gemini (can’t stay in one place or with one partner);
  • Female cat – Kitty Softpaws: Scorpio (trust issues, great manipulation skills);
  • Dog – Perro: Aries (pushes friendship till cats give up) and Pisces (telling stories about being a victim, behaves like he is nice and romantic).

Interestingly, Puss gets into a long-term relationship with Kitty only when the two of them get a third partner (another Gemini manifestation). Just like in people’s lives.  

To me, Perro is a very disturbing character. His story shows the success of stalking: go for what you want, never stop when others say “No”, just be nice. Basically, it’s ok to disregard others’ interests, just be nice and people will finally see how great you are. I would say Perro’s story is about soft stalking. Soft, but still stalking. 

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  1. Hii! love the astrological analysis! Personally, this is what i think the big 3 mains’ zodiac are. Puss In Boots - Sagittarius/Aries (swashbuckling hero) Kitty Softpaws - Scorpio (based on the fact she’s declawed, that toughen her up since childhood) Perro/Perrito - Pisces (floating through life and experiences) I’d be curious to know the zodiac signs of other characters from this movie like Jack Horner, Death, Goldilocks & The 3 Bears and even from the first movie like Humpty if you’re down!
    1. HI, Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It's so great to be able to discuss zodiac signs manifestations with other people! If I would ever watched the movies that you mentioned, I will let you know what I think. Movie characters are usually harder to label with one or two sings as they supposed to be like us, people.

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