Astrological brand review – Jonathan Adler

Walking into Jonathan Adler’s store is like joining a party. You are instantly immersed in a world of bright and bold colors:

Leo’s colorful celebratory spirit also comes through in a wide range of gold-toned items that can be used throughout the home, not just where you entertain guests:

In addition to the Leo vibrations, Jonathan Adler’s stores are home to Aquarius items with non-ordinary design and purpose:

On the company’s website, I found a perfect image that demonstrated the style Jonathan Adler combines Leo and Aquarius manifestations:

But the item that represents this mixture that impressed me most is a lolly-pop stand:

When I looked at it I thought “What?!”, the second thought was: “That’s fun!”. It seems like the brand is looking to get exactly that kind of customer reaction. Which is, again, a combination of Aquarius (astonishing surprise) and Leo (fun, fun, fun!).

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