When something goes wrong at home all the time – Pisces

Noisy or dirty neighbors, leaks, having to move to another place after you just moved into a new one… Sounds familiar, or maybe you have other problems at home that you don’t seem to be at fault for? I will say one thing: there are no accidents, and if something continues to repeat itself in your life, you have something to do with it. But how exactly?

Your need for certain sensations can bring not only what you like, but also unpleasant stuff. Astrology helps understand what kind of sensations you need and choose an alternative to things that annoy you. And you don’t even need to build your birth chart to do that. For example, if you’re suffering from water or gas leaks, chances are they’re fulfilling your Piscean need for sensations that make you feel safe. What can you do to reduce leaks? Bring Pisces to your home yourself so that there is no more need for leaks.

Here are options to get more Pisces vibes in your home:

  • fish tanks and aquariums

  • mirrors 

  • blue, green, and other colors that remind you of nature

  • smooth lines and shapes

  • spiritual objects

  • make secret spaces

  • cats

  • humidifiers

If you want to know more about what makes you feel safe, go to the home page and find out what zodiac signs influence your sense of safety and how to create your personal safe environment. It’s free.  

Is something bothering you at home all the time?

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