Natal chart manifestation – Sam Bankman-Fried

The latest development of the Sam Bankman-Fried (known also as SBF) saga includes a dramatic twist – an arrest that Sam didn’t see coming despite all troubles he has been through since November 2022. It’s always interesting to look at the natal chart of people who are both able to climb that high and fall that low. Unfortunately, SBF’s birth time is not known to the public. At the risk of being mistaken, I will assume that he was born around 12:16 pm.

Here’s what supports the estimated time of birth:

  • Both parents are lawyers with great careers at Stanford University – mom as 4th House ruler Mercury (teaching) in the 10th House (top University) and dad as 10th House minor ruler Jupiter (law) in the 3rd House (education);
  • SBF has at least one brother who is involved in non-profit – as Sun in Pisces in the 10th House;
  • Sam was often described as the wonder child (rising Cancer) of crypto and had been photographed only in shorts, a T-shirt or hoodie, and untied shoes (Cancer’s ruler Moon in conjunction with Mercury);
  • During the golden years of FTX Sam lived in a penthouse (Moon in the 10th House) shared with another 10 colleagues (Moon – Mercury conjunction). During his college years he lived in a coeducational group house same Moon-Mercury conjunction);
  • Disastrous management style – North Node in Capricorn in the 7th House – managing that involves other people is a life mission, so proper management is unfamiliar from previous lives experience.

And the most interesting – timing of the big trouble. 2022 is the year when:

  • the natal 8th House Mars-Saturn conjunction arrived in directions to the cusp of the 10th House (basically problems came to the business/career);
  • the natal 7th House Neptune-Uranus conjunction with Uranus being a ruler of the 8th House in direction arrived at the cusp of the 9th House (crisis in informal leadership, wonder child turns into a disgrace manager);
  • the natal Asc (Sam himself) in direction gets into opposition with Lilith (confusion) in Aquarius (unexpected) and the 8th House (crash) – that’s why Sam had no idea how fast and shocking his fall will be.

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