Natal chart manifestation – Michael Avenatti

In May 2022 Michael Avenatti’s lawyer sent a defense letter to the trial judge with a lot of details about Michael’s life. Most likely there were some exaggerations due to the nature of the letter, but it has facts we can trust. Let’s look at how Avenatti’s natal chart placements manifested in life. The known time of birth is 10:07 pm but I think something around 9:54 is closer to the actual time of Michael’s birth.

Moon in Scorpio (hardships, intensity, troubles, abuse) in the 1st House (body) in opposition with Saturn (Capricorn – restrictions, relationships with state) in Taurus (resources, money, wealth) in the 8th House (Scorpio): “From a very young age, Mr. Avenatti was determined to escape the difficult financial and social circumstances that he was born into”;

Moon under Capricorn and Scorpio influences can manifest as both rational and irrational fear of poverty and financial problems which can push towards workaholism – “He started working at 15 years old and did not stop until the day he was arrested”; “worked full time through his college years”; “all-consuming attorney-client relationship”. And Scorpio, especially if it’s related to the body, gives the ability to any intense experiences.

4 House (family life, the atmosphere at home) in Capricorn with Capricorn ruler Saturn in the 8th House – “Mr. Avenatti was an only child in a difficult home environment”.

Mercury (multiplicity, transportation) in Aquarius (rapid changes, speed) in the 4th House (home) as the natural point of release of the Moon-Saturn opposition in Avenatti’s chart – “over course of his childhood Mr. Avenatti lived in 4 different states”; Wikipedia says that “since 2010, Avenatti has driven in approximately 33 sportscar races”.

Another natural way to deal with Moon-Saturn opposition in Michael’s chart is Venus (money) in Capricorn (professionalism) in the 3rd House (Gemini – multiplicity) – Avenatti filed many class-action suits.

Avenatti’s serious legal problems and first arrest came in 2018 when the directional 12th House (jail) made conjunction with natal Moon-Saturn opposition and, respectively directional 6th House (routine, everyday life) made an opposition with natal Moon-Saturn opposition. Also directional Pluto (planet of 12th House in the chart and Moon’s ruler) and ruler of 7th House – relationships with other people) made conjunction with the natal 2nd House (Taurus – money, resources) and opposition with the 8th House (Scorpio – problems).

Interestingly, in February of that year, Michael met Steffanie Clifford and agreed to become her lawyer in a case against Trump, then-President of the U.S., which in the defense letter was described as “the most significant and demanding experience of his career” and already cited “all-consuming attorney-client relationship”.

Overall it seems like Michael Avenatti didn’t manage to handle Moon-Saturn opposition in a positive way. And that caused him to spend years in prison (one of the rulers of the 4th House is Uranus in the 12th House).

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