Natal chart manifestation – Billy Milligan

The time of Milligan’s birth is not known to the public. I suggest some time around 11:20 am. This time seems to match what we know about Billy. His mother was a singer, his father committed suicide, as a child, he was abused by his father and stepfather, had two siblings, was a rapist, and armed robber, suffered from multiple personality disorder, lived in psychiatric hospitals and in a mobile home, was an avid painter, died of cancer. Let’s see how all this drama fits in the natal chart.

  • Past life experiences (South Node) involve a crazy mixture of Cancer, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Cancer and craziness – Billy literally became a home for multiple personalities. Taurus and Capricorn – vitality and resilience: Milligan lasted a long 59 years, despite the many armed conflicts and other hardships of his life. Scorpio – the one who is tortured and the one who tortures. Libra – multiple personalities mean dealing with others; Milligan’s crimes were aimed at people, not only their possessions; he’s quite known to the public.
  • Dad (4th House) was well acquainted with Leo (3 kids, gambling), Pisces (cheating, drinking), and Scorpio (abuse, suicide) energies (4th House). It appears that stepdad was mostly motivated by Scorpio vibes.
  • Mom (10th House) was influenced by Aquarius (several husbands and children), Libra (singer), Scorpio (experienced many dramas and traumas), and Capricorn (always kept a man nearby for support, and they brought only problems)ю
  • Milligan saw the world (the Moon) as a dark, cruel place from which there was no way out, and the plurality of personalities probably helped to cope with this horror.
  • Of all the relatives only the sister (3rd house) helped Billy by buying him a mobile home, which is a positive manifestation of the energies of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • Milligan’s home (4th House) was either a place of manifestation of Scorpio (torture and bullying), or Aquarius and Gemini energy – full of crazy mates (psychiatric hospital), or it was necessary to urgently run away from it (during the flight from the police, Billy lived in many houses), or be ready to escape (house on wheels)
  • His own Personality (Sun) was also filled with Aquarius and Gemini, which are both attuned to plurality. The influence of Capricorn on the Sun helped to stabilize all personalities in one head and kept them in some sort of order or system.
  • The main conflict that has ruled Billy’s life is, most likely, excessive passion and a great ability to accumulate energy (opposition Sun-Pluto). In the natal chart, there are 3 points of natural release of tension brought by this conflict: action, impulse, and aggression (Aries) that manifested in crimes; illusions and art (Pisces) that manifested via painting, lies; and accumulation of anger and despair to a level that is unbearable (Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn) which manifested in death from cancer.
  • I think that Billy chose this excessive passion to try to fulfill his mission in life (North Node) – to use the vast amount of energy available to him for creative activities and to create things of value for the material world. Unfortunately, he didn’t appear to be successful in this mission.

The question that many people ask is if he could have lived differently with this natal chart. It’s hard to tell, but I found a person who was born on the same day as Billy. His name is Guillermo Francella and he is an Argentine comedian who has no criminal record or multiple personality issues. His time of birth is not known to the public either, so we can’t say Billy and Guillermo have the same natal charts, but they do have a lot in common.

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