Kim Kardashian – crypto advertising troubles

Media reports that The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Kim Kardashian $1.26 million in penalties for touting on social media a crypto asset security. It’s one million more than she received for her post. 

The sum of the fine itself is probably not a big deal for Kim, but it’s still an uncomfortable loss. Is it shown in her prognosis? 

Let’s define what we’re looking for. Fine is a government measure (10th House), related to the loss (8th House) of money (2nd House). So we need to look at the 10th, the 8th, and the 2nd Houses both in the natal chart and in prognosis methods.

Let’s start with directions:

  • Directional 2nd and 8th Houses make an aspect to natal Sun (planet of the 10th House and minor ruler of the 8th House)
  • Directional Saturn (signifier and planet of the 10th House) makes aspects to the 2nd and the 8th Houses. 

In solar return for 2022-2023 that already is starting to affect Kardashian because of her upcoming birthday we see:

  • Solar Acs (the theme, background of the year) is in the 2nd House with Saturn very close to Asc.
  • Solar 8h House is loaded with planets (active) – Sun, Venus (money), and Mercury.
  • Solar 2nd House is in opposition with natal Saturn and solar 8th House is in conjunction with natal Saturn.

And in transits:

  • Pluto (the signifier of the 8th House) makes an aspect with the natal 10th House.
  • Uranus (in the natal chart is in conjunction with Mercury, the 10th House ruler and minor ruler of the 2nd House) makes and aspects with the natal 2nd and 8th Houses.

In all prognosis methods for October 3rd, 2022 we see the connection between the 2nd, the 8th, and the 10th Houses. Considering that the same directions and the solar return will affect Kim’s life for another year, I would venture to guess that today’s fine is not Kim’s last financial or another kind of loss for this period.

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