Reddit case: concerned about wealth, possessions, and living in luxury too much

Question: Why am I so bougie? I’m waaay more concerned about wealth, possessions, and living in luxury than I’m comfortable admitting.

Astrological perspective.

South Node is in Cancer ruled by Moon in the 9th House – everything that related to Moon placements and Sagittarius circumstances is very familiar from past lives, feels natural, and the way to go.

Moon is in conjunction with Venus – the unconscious self and feeling safe depends on material resources. Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces can make it difficult to feel that what you have is enough. Moon aspects with Pluto (Scorpio) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) are not suited for a modest outlook: Scorpio needs a lot of resources to be able to transform them into a new quality; Sagittarius needs luxury and living big to satisfy the need for expansion.

Scorpio also affects your ego (Sun-Pluto aspect), your body (Pluto) in the first House, and you in general (rising Scorpio).

So everything in the chart works well together to create this need for wealth and luxury, it’s your true nature. At least, one of the versions of your true nature.

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